Earlier this week a crash on the M50 motorway caused the road to be closed for several hours and left many commuters stuck in traffic until the early afternoon.

A woman was critically injured in the incident involving her car and two trucks. Today the news has come that passed away after suffering serious injuries. 


Following the crash, which took over Irish social media for the majority of Wednesday morning, one Irish woman’s poignant Facebook post went viral.

She urged people to think about others before themselves after the accident. 

Lira Marie Maher, a former model and business woman, lost her own father in a tragic collision only four months ago. She appeared on Ireland AM on Thursday morning and said she was “completely overwhelmed” with the reaction to her post.

She explained: I saw posts on Facebook with people ranting and raving about the traffic and I just thought it was a disgrace that no one would take a second to think of the woman who was injured." 

Lisa added that she knew what that woman’s family were going through and noted:

“We race through life, always in a rush… We should take a step back and say, life is more than this.”

She has urged people to think about others before themselves, adding: I'm not looking for an apology, but if this makes people stop and reassess themselves then that's a job well done”.