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Another day; another set of snaps of a certain teenage reality TV personality and social media star.

This time, she’s on a beach in Mexico looking perfectly happy with her boyfriend of a couple years, rapper Tyga.

Kylie Jenner: whether we like it or not – and plenty of people don’t – the world knows her name.


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Don’t forget, she’s still just 19: an age when most of were grappling with our first real forays into makeup, romance, college courses, and part-time jobs.

But far from battling spots and teenage insecurity, Kylie is every-imaginable-angle picture-perfect. Considering her stream of flawless photos and videos garner millions of reactions on Snapchat and Instagram, it is little wonder that she has to be.

And yet there is a particularly loathsome, venomous response whenever Ms Jenner crops up on celebrity-heavy websites.


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“Frankenstein's monster, a fear-inducing but empty shell built by mad scientists for money,” sneered one observer this week upon reading the detail of Kylie and Tyga’s romantic beach getaway.

“Long live the new self absorbed plastic, sex object Queen,” wrote another – referring to the self-imposed social media demise of Kylie’s elder half-sister, Kim Kardashian.

A third comment read as such: “She's so nasty, pretty sure I got herpes just looking at these.”


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The comments went on: “I just threw up in my mouth a little. Please make it stop.” And on: “So sick of seeing this deformed teenager half naked.” AND ON: “Per usual, she's disgusting…”

Tyga – a 27-year-old with a four-year-old son from a previous relationship with Blac Chyna – hardly came out unscathed himself.

Many noted his ‘scrawny’ appearance and bemoaned his fondness for the tattoos which generously cover his skin.


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Still, there is no doubt that Ms Jenner – a member of the pop culture Kardashian-Jenner mega-dynasty – receives the brunt of the hatred.

Let's remember that this is a young woman who from the age of ten was put in front of millions via Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

A young woman who says she felt compelled to alter her lips when a boy in school commented on how ‘thin’ her natural ones were.

A young woman who has, in fact, admitted to being brutally bullied for years.

“Since the show started, there’s been so much bullying towards me,” Kylie told INTERVIEW magazine a year ago. “Every single day I see something negative about me.

“It’s just completely torn me apart.”

During a similar 2016 interview with Wonderland, Ms Jenner furthermore admitted: “Growing up, I’ve heard the worst things anyone could ever say about me and bullying was such a big part of my life, with the whole entire world judging me.”

And yet that bullying continues still.

People, it seems, don’t like that Kylie Jenner has had surgery; it appears that (although this is not confirmed) she has enhanced her breasts and her bum.

“Too young; too vain; too grotesque,” cries the online mob, with no acknowledgement that Ms Jenner – before all those changes in appearance – was happily referred to as KUWTK's ‘ugly sister’.   

Look, there’s no attempt to pontificate from any high horse here: we all know how the keyboard can lead otherwise fairly reasonable folk to say and do things they never would in ‘real-life’.

But the criticism en masse of Kylie Jenner is vile. 

It has evolved into a shamefully sustained, full-blown, and personal attack – and one that few of Kylie's fellow celebrities endure. 

So let’s instead give this incredible teen a hearty pat on the back: in the spotlight for half of her childhood, she has emerged out on the other side. Not on drugs or half-sloshed and ranting at the maid by noon – but building her multi-million dollar brand.

And that’s cause enough to celebrate. 


Kim Kardashian has left her New York City apartment for the first time since arriving in the US after being held at gunpoint in Paris.

According to E! News, the famed reality star exited the TriBeCa apartment with her two young children and husband, Kanye West, through a backdoor, before being picked up by two black SUVs.

US Weekly has reported that the vans then transported the family to the airport, from where they are expected to take a private flight back to LA.

The family’s security has reportedly been “amped up 1000 percent” since Kim was left begging for her life in an exclusive Parisian apartment while armed raiders stole over €10 million worth of her jewellery.

While Kanye has rescheduled a number of his St Pablo tour dates to support his wife, Kim is believed to have cancelled her upcoming appearances for the next few weeks.


Bathroom selfie right before Pablo hits the stage

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Filming for Keeping Up With the Kardashians is believed to be “on hold indefinitely”.

No footage has been shot for the show in the couple’s apartment since Kim’s attack and family members have not shared their reactions to the incident on camera.



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Keeping Up With the Kardashians is a guilty pleasure here in SHEmazing! HQ, and next week's episode certainly looks like a juicy one.

In the latest teaser clip, Rob and Khloe are talking in the kitchen, when Kim walks in and the siblings just can't get over her outfit.

Khloe even goes so far to say, "Kimberly, how much are you?!" Ouch!

After, Rob is questioned about his relationship to Chyna, and he reveals there's some trouble in paradise.

Can anyone else not wait to tune in?!


Keeping Up With the Kardashians fans will likely remember an episode where Kim got an X-ray to prove – once and for all – that her world-famous bum comes down to nothing more than good genes.

And while many would argue that that should have been enough to silence cynics, it clearly wasn't as the mum-of-two is still regularly plagued by rumours that she's had cosmetic surgery on her derriére.

Addressing the rumours during a recent live stream on her website, Kim ventured a guess as to why the implant rumour has yet to fall by the wayside.

Kim, who suffers from psoriasis, treats the skin condition with cortisone injections, and despite being told they there was little chance she would develop an indent in her bum as a result of the injections, that's exactly what happened.

"One of my neighbours was a dermatologist at Cedars," 35-year-old Kim tells fans online. ”I go in there and he’s like, ‘There’s a one in a billion chance that you will get a huge indent in your butt.’ Of course I get a huge indent on my butt."

Aware that this likely added to speculation, Kim explained: “There is a picture of me in Miami wearing an electric blue dress, and another picture of me walking down Robertson."

"You see the indent. And I think that’s when the rumours started, ‘She’s had implants’." Kim surmises.

Insistent that the indent is the result of injections recieved solely to treat psoriasis, Kim assures fans: "Every few years I get a cortisone shot. That’s a little unknown fact of me."

And there you have it.


Social media users were left stunned earlier this week when Rob Kardashian appeared to erase all evidence of his relationship with Blac Chyna – the woman he is soon to marry and have a child with.

While Rob – undoubtedly the most reserved member of the Calabasas clan – rarely courts the press, the move looked like a deliberate attempt to draw attention to a problem within his relationship.

However, it looks like the sock designer's followers – many of whom were suggesting the end was nigh for the couple's engagement and subsequent marriage – can rest easy.

According to a source close to the couple, Rob's decision to remove Blac Chyna from his life online was the result of a fight, and not evidence of a full-blown split.

"They didn’t break up, they had a fight,” the insider told Us magazine. “They fought and then started talking again yesterday. It was just a fight."

Offering an insight into the couple's hectic schedule, the source continued: "It was from the pressure of filming the show and everything moving too fast. Rob is just not used to filming again, and it’s been hard on him."

"Everything with Chyna is moving so fast. She’s a single parent and filming the show and all of her other work commitments, so Rob has been feeling neglected by her," they added.

And it looks like the final straw for Rob came over the weekend when crew members appeared to monopolise Chyna's time.

"They were filming this weekend, and one of the people in her crew asked her to do something without him, and he snapped," the insider revealed.

"They started talking again yesterday though and made up today," the source assured fans. "He was just feeling neglected, and he always gets emotional and deletes things on social media when that happens. But things are fine now."

Lawd, way to get everyone talkin'…



With rumours swirling that Lamar Odom has relapsed and Khloé Kardashian has stopped paying his rent in LA, fans of the basketball star have hit out at Khloé for apparently deserting her husband when he needed her most.

And unsurprisingly, the reality TV star refuses to take this sarky remarks lying down and wasted no time hitting back at critics who comment on her personal life.

Taking to Twitter to slam Khloé for dating Treyz Songz, one of the star's followers wrote: "@khloekardashian instead of running the streets with Mr.!steal your girl. You need to be helping your HUSBAND."

Hitting back at her online critic, Khloé suggested she refrain from commenting on matters she knows little about.

"Stay in your f*cking lane little girl. You know nothing about anything," Khloé raged in a post which was liked more than 1,000 times. "You're a sheep herded by society."

Hitting back at the 32-year-old star, the Twitter user posted a montage of tabloid stories involving Khloe and wrote: "This is my lane, sis."

Railing against the KUWTK star, another Twitter user wrote: "You want us to keep up with yall but when we keep up..it's a problem get right sis."

"Truth! We are doing what u asked! Keeping up with you! #kanyeshrug," added another.

The tweet initiated a debate which raged back and forth for hours as some of the star's fans defended her and others called her out on her supposed hypocrisy.


The Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom relationship saga continues, and this time Khloé means business. 

TMZ has reported that Khloé Kardashian has kicked the NBA player out of the home she was renting for him, that was setting her back a casual $25,000 a month. 

The reality star rented a mansion in Calabasas for Lamar last year, after his overdose, so that she could be near him throughout his recovery. 

Last month, family members found a crack pipe on the property, which has ultimately been the last straw for Khloé. 

The lease to this 6,400 square foot house is up at the end of July, and Khloé will not be renewing it.

Lamar Odom is apparently going from house to house, staying with various friends in California. 

Khloé Kardashian filed for divorce from Lamar (for the second time) in May 2016, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split. 



According to modern-day folklore, men who become involved with female members of the world-famous Kardashian family struggle considerably after being welcomed into the reality TV family, and it looks like Scott Disick definitely subscribes to that school of thought.

Having become convinced that he had fallen foul to the Kardashian Kurse, the father-of-three wanted to do everything in his power to escape the repercussions of a Kardashian romance and paid a visit to a psychic who decided that all Scott needed was to perform a ritual with a rooster in order to leave the jinx behind. (No, really)

"I feel like anybody that's dated any girls within her family has gotten some kind of curse," he explained in last night's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

"I feel like some curse has been put upon me along with a lot of other men that I'm close with," he added "You know how everyone says there's that Kardashian curse to the men? It's kind of scary but it's kind of dope if it actually had truth to it."

Agreeing wholeheartedly with the lord, Kylie explained: "The Kardashian curse is every male figure that comes and dates a Kardashian, their life just goes downhill after that."

However, despite Kylie's support, Scott ultimately decided that it might be time for him to stop blaming other people for his life choices, admitting: "I may have got a little caught up with this whole curse thing and maybe taken it a little too far. Maybe there's not a curse."

Unsurprisingly, former girlfriend, Kourtney, was with him on that one, insisting: "You blame your actions on something else, on somebody else, it's never just because. You always have an excuse for everything."

Better luck next time, Scott.


We always thought there was something super-sweet about the relationship Khloé Kardashian shared with Scott Disick, so we are not at all happy to learn that their friendship may have reached the end of the road.

Despite the fact Khloé's older sister called time on her romance with the native New Yorker last year, Khloé still had a lot of love for the Lord, but it looks like things may be on thin ice now.

In a preview for this week's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Khloé lets rip about Scott while venting to Kim and Kourtney.

Commenting on Scott's behaviour during a recent dinner, 31-year-old Khloé said: "The most negative, depressed, victim. He acts like he tries so hard to play it straight for even a month."

Slamming Scott for laying the blame of his separation at everyone else's door, she continues: "But, like, he comes and plays this victim. 'I lost my family, you guys gave up on me."

"How are you trying? I was like, 'Scott, I want to punch you in your f*cking jugular because of your depressed, negative energy," she admitted. "Scott, you're not trying at all."

With Scott insisting that he wants to win Kourtney back, but doing very little to prove it, it sounds like Khloé is finally DONE.



With an incredible career, stunning good looks and the whole world eating out of the palm of her hand, it's fair to say Kendall Jenner has it ALL, right?

Well, it looks like she's got more than most of us even realised if a message she uploaded to her app yesterday is anything to go by.

Revealing that, in addition to everything else, she actually harbours psychic powers, 20-year-old Kendall explained it's something she just lives with. (Oh yeah, we get that…we swear.)

Spilling the deets on her uber-interesting powers, the model dished: "I swear, I've had a keen sense of perception since I was a kid."

"I've just always had really good intuition. I've actually even been told by like seven psychics that I'M psychic!" she admitted. "There's a way you learn how to navigate this crazy world, and I really base it on my gut feelings."

So, does that mean Kendall foresaw all the drama currently unfolding among the Calabasas clan?!



When it comes to Rob Kardashian's recent baby announcement, it's fair to say the silence within the Kardashian camp has been absolutely deafening

With the world-famous reality television family still smarting over Rob's decision to start a family with the mother of his younger sister's ex-boyfriend, it's no surprise they had yet to go public with their congratulations.

But it looks like Kim, who has had her fair share of blow-outs with her brother, has had a change of heart and opened up about the whopper family news during a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Sounding well chuffed for the newly-engaged couple, the mum-of-two gushed: "I mean, it’s so exciting. It’s a really exciting time for him."

"I think he’ll be the best dad. He’s really just such a good, good person," she insisted." I’m really happy for them. Everyone is doing really great. Everyone is super excited."

If we didn't know any better, we'd think that that little soundbite had been rehearsed…



It looks like there may be no going back for Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick now that the eldest Kardashian sister has set about splitting their assets and establishing a custody agreement regarding the three children they share together.

But, unfortunately for Kourt, recent reports suggest that Lord Disick isn't likely to take developments lying down, and has no problem playing dirty with his former flame.

According to Radar Online, a source close to the former couple has revealed that the dad-of-three is all set to spill his guts if he think he's being treated unfairly by his children's mother.

"Legally, she has Scott over a barrel thanks to his wayward behaviour over the years but Scott is more than willing to play dirty," revealed the insider.

And while we may think we know all there is to know about the infamous Calabasas clan, it sounds like 32-year-old Scott has more than a few cards up his sleeve on that front.

"Scott has no problem with threatening to pen a tell-all book or making anonymous leaks exposing the whole Kardashian family if Kourtney doesn’t agree to fair terms," spilled the source.

With the insider suggesting that the split is going to get 'nasty', we can only imagine the upcoming KUWTK storylines.

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