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Getting engaged is magical, but getting engaged at Disney World's Gay Day celebrations with the help of Kesha is in a different league entirely.

So, it's no surprise that Instagram went into total meltdown when the We Are Who We Are singer uploaded a snap of one incredibly special moment in the lives of two of her fans.

Having helped the two men get engaged on-stage over the weekend, the 29-year-old singer, who has long since been an advocate for LGBT rights, explained how much the moment meant to her.

"Overcome and overwhelmed with emotion on stage last night," she began. "I'm honored that @jnegrelli57 & @m_abu24 shared such a monumental moment with me, and let me help orchestrate their surprise engagement."

"Love is the magic in life, and really there is nothing more important," she continued in the post which has been liked more than 70,000 times since it hit Instagram.

"He said yes," she wrote. "He actually said "a million times, yes" Then my heart melted and I cried. haha. congratulations."

Kesha's page has been flooded with well wishes since the upload, with one Instagram user writing: "So many reasons to love her and this and everything she stands for."

We're not crying, you are.



After everything Kesha has been through of late, we're not surprised the Tik Tok singer feels the need to let off some steam from time to time, and last night was the perfect example of this.

Taking to Instagram on Sunday, the star who is currently embroiled in a legal battle with Sony told her millions of fans and followers that it was finally time to start a new chapter in her life.

"I have been battling depression and an eating disorder for a while now. My career is in a strange place and it feels like I'm fighting an uphill fight some days," she wrote in the post which has been liked a whopping 66,000 times since its upload.

Sharing a snap of herself wearing nothing but a pair of knickers, Kesha continued: "I have decided to take my life back. my freedom. my happiness. my voice. my worth. I will not just f*cking be quiet and hide. today I will say f*ck it and live."

Giving the middle fingers in the snap, the 29-year-old insisted she has reached a turning point: "So FUUUUUUUU*K it. today I'm making that choice. AND IM HAPPY AS A DAMN CLAM. and also a big ol f*ck u if u wanna hate on my body. just remember that makes u look like a d*ckhead."

Responding to the star's touching upload, her fans flocked to offer their support, with one writing: "You can’t go back and make a new start, but you can start now to make a brand new ending!"

Whether you're a fan of Kesha or not, you can't deny she's definitely a fighter.



If Kesha's recent collaboration with Zedd proves anything, it's that she might be down, but she's most definitely not out.

Coming a full three years after her last release, Timber with Pitbull, the star, who has been embroiled in a high-profile court case with Sony's Dr. Luke, sounds better than ever.

After making a surprise appearance to perform the track at Coachella, it seems like the creative process has been a healing one for Kesha who has pleaded to be released from her contract with Sony after claiming she was abused by Dr. Luke.

Taking to Instagram in recent days, the 29-year-old star left fans in no doubt that the collaboration was exactly what she needed.

"It's a miracle when someone gives you a chance at finding your voice again with no reason other than that he is a f*cking beautiful person with a heart of gold," she wrote.

While a judge ruled that Kesha was forbidden from working with producers who weren't under Sony, it appears the star was subsequently granted permission to work alongside Zedd.

Confirming this via social media, Zedd tweeted: "Just to clarify: We didn't use any loop holes. Kemosabe / RCA gave us permission to release this song!"

"This is more than a song. It's a declaration of my truth," Kesha told Facebook followers this week, and we are seriously PUMPED that Kasha is back out there.




A New York judge has dismissed Kesha's claims that producer Dr Luke violated her human rights by drugging, sexually abusing and emotionally tormenting her.

Judge Shirley Werner Kornreich gave the ruling in court – which Dr Luke denies. He has not been charged with any crime, either.

After showing a message on social media sent to her by Sony, which says if she retracts her statement she can take back her "freedom," Kesha received support from a number of celebs such as Adele, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga.

But according to Yahoo, the judge stated that since the alleged incidents happened outside of New York, she can't do anything about it. Kesha's claims also don't meet the high legal bar for "intentional infliction of emotional distress," said the judge.

“Her claims of insults about her value as an artist, her looks and her weight are insufficient to constitute extreme, outrageous conduct intolerable in a civilised society.”

Judge Kornreich added that Kesha didn't say Dr Luke's attack were spurred by hostility towards women.

"Every rape is not a gender-motivated hate crime."



Two months after Kesha was denied an injunction to end her record deal with Sony, the We R Who We R singer has taken to social media to shed further light on the fraught relations which exist between herself and the record label.

Uploading a bare-faced short of herself last night, Kesha, who claims she was physically, emotionally and sexually abused by music producer Dr. Luke,  told fans that she had been recently asked to lie in order to free herself from her contract with the global label.

"So, I got offered my freedom IF i were to lie. I would have to APOLOGIZE publicly and say that I never got raped," she wrote in a post which has been liked almost 120,000 times in mere hours.

"THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS behind closed doors," she continued in the revealing upload which has been inundated with message of supports from concerned fans and followers. "I will not take back the TRUTH."

The star, who has been publicly backed by music heavy-hitters including Adele, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga, insists that her decision to go public with her harrowing past means more to her than her career as a musician.

Having appealed the court's decision in recent weeks, Kesha finished the heartwrenching post, declaring: "I would rather let the truth ruin my career than lie for a monster ever again."

Praising the star for her courage, one Instagram user wrote: "Sending love and support from Australia. So much respect for sticking up for yourself and staying true to your moral compass. I can't imagine how difficult this would be."

Under her current contract, the 29-year-old singer is required to record a further four albums with the record company.



After the devastating result of her court case last month, Kesha has filed an appeal to overturn the ruling on her contract.

The songstress pleaded for a temporary break from working with Dr Luke – who she claims raped her – but the judge ruled that she has to remain in her contract with Sony.


Yesterday, Kesha went to court in Manhattan with her lawyer to overturn the case, E! News has reported.

In the documents , Kesha's lawyer claims that forcing the singer to work with Dr Luke is akin to "slavery."

"First, the Court erred in basing its decision on its finding that Kesha could record without interference from Gottwald [Dr Luke]," the paperwork states.

"Although it recognised that "slavery was done away with a long time ago" and that 'you can't force someone to work in a situation in which they don't want to work,' the Court's ruling requiring Kesha to work for Gottwald's companies, purportedly without his involvement, does just that.

"As the Court itself recognised, 'It's slavery. You can't do that'."

But Dr Luke's lawyer has already responded saying that Kesha's allegations are "false."


Pop star Kesha may not be able to perform any new music while she battles to be released from her current record contract, but the star has managed to find a way to keep working in the mean time. 

Yep, the savvy singer has landed a role on the television show Nashville and will be appearing as herself on the hit ABC show. 

The show, which focuses on country musicians in the music business, will see Kesha make a cameo appearance in one episode later in fourth season which is currently airing in the States. 

​Kesha is currently embroiled in a bitter legal battle against record label Sony after allegations that she was drugged and raped by their top record producer, Dr. Luke. 

Seeing as the label have Kesha contracted to do another six albums with the company, she is technically not able to release any new music. 

But that is not stopping her from working. 

Kesha appeared in the last season of Jane the Virgin playing her noisy neighbour and the upcoming appearance on Nashville will allow her to perform as herself. 

Keep on trucking on, Kesha! 



Reports began circulating yesterday that record label Sony are making arrangements to drop Dr Luke ahead of his contract expiration in 2017. 

However, reps for the top producer, who is currently facing rape allegations from popstar Kesha, have rejected the claims made by news site the Wrap. 

"This is not true. Luke has an excellent relationship with Sony," read the statement. 

"His representatives are in regular contact with executives at the highest levels at Sony and this has never come up."

According to the Wrap, insiders said that the top label was looking to rid themselves of the producer following the recent controversy. 

Representatives for the producer also responded to claims made by Kelly Clarkson that he was not a nice person to work with by publishing an excerpt from Sony Music chief Clive Davis' 2013 memoir The Soundtrack of My Life. 

The excerpt insinuates that Kelly did not want to work with the producer and Dr. Luke was also forced to compromise as he wanted the songs he had written to go to rock artists. . 

"As we were gathering material for the album, however, I met with the songwriter-producer Max Martin, who had some songs he had written with his partner Luke Gottwald, better known as Dr Luke, that he wanted to play for me. 

"The songs were Since U Been Gone and Behind These Hazel Eyes. I heard them, and told him that I really loved them both. Then I told him that I wanted them for Kelly Clarkson. 

"The fact is that I wanted Kelly to have those songs for the very reason he had written them. Both songs had a sharp rock edge, but were still capable of being pop hits. They would push Kelly in a promising direction for her, while maintaining and even growing her audience.

"Max and Luke are very strong, hands-on producers in the studio. They are intent on getting perfect vocal performances, and are relentless in that pursuit.

"It was hard for Kelly, who had come from the high of winning American Idol and then having a double platinum album. You're young, everybody recognises you everywhere you go. It's heady, and all that attention affects all Idol winners.

"But then suddenly you're in an entirely different world of making records in a studio, and you have to take direction. Kelly didn't like it.

"Kelly got her back up, and from her perspective, she had a horrible experience in the studio. She'd never work with them again, she said."

The drama continues. 



Kelly Clarkson has shown support for Kesha as she fights to be freed from her current record contract and now it seems we know why. 

Speaking on Australian radio, the Heartbeat Song singer revealed that she felt pressurised into working with the hit-maker by her label. 

"I worked with [Dr. Luke] because literally I got blackmailed by my label. They were like, 'We will not put your album out if you don't do this.' "

Though the 33-year-old did not particularly want to work with the producer, he manifested her smash hit single from her first album, Since U Been Gone

As a result, her label pushed her to work with the hit-maker on future songs despite not being the producer's biggest fan. 

"Unfortunately, when you have that poor of character – so many artists don't like you and don't like working with you – that's not normal.

"I get along with everyone I work with, but he's just not a good guy for me.

"Obviously, he’s a talented dude. He just lied a lot. I've run into a couple of really bad situations. Musically, it's been really hard for me because he will just lie to people.

"And it's like, 'What?' And it makes the artist look bad. He's kind of difficult to work with; kind of demeaning."

Pop-star Kesha is currently fighting to be released from a contract with her record label for six more albums off the back of allegations that the top music producer drugged and raped her while they worked together. 

Despite Dr Luke denying the accusations, numerous celebrities and fans have come out to show support for the Tik Tok singers including Kelly who tweeted at the time of her failed court appearance.

"Trying 2 not say anything since I can't say anything nice about a person … so this is me not talking about Dr. Luke."


Adele may be nominated for four gongs at tonight's BRIT awards but she has already scooped up the prize for Best British Female Solo Artist at the prestigious ceremony. 

Adele took the time in her speech to show her support for Kesha, who is currently embroiled in a court battle to be freed from her record label, Sony

The 27-year-old took the time to thank her own record label for letting her "embrace the fact that I am a woman."

"And I'd also like to take this moment to publicly support Kesha", said the Hello singer at the end of her speech. 

Adele wore a ethereal red gown to the awards show which showed off her fabulous curves. 

Meanwhile, Kesha's plea to be freed from her record label following claims she was raped by her producer, Dr. Luke, was denied by a New York judge last week. 

Since then reams of celebrities have come out in favour of the singer including Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande and Lorde. 

Have a look at all of the celebrities rocking the red carpet at the BRIT awards here. 



Kesha has endured a lot in the past few years, but in recent weeks her high profile case has made a media frenzie.

The singer has been enduring a long legal battle with producer Dr Luke who she accuses of sexual and mental abuse. But unfortunately, the court ruled against Kesha and she has to remain with Dr Luke's label, Sony.

The 28-year-old, who hasn't produced music in years because of the contract, has taken to Instagram to thank her friends and fans for their support.

"I am beyond words in gratitude. Thank you is not enough but it is all I have. A million times over and forever thank you. The support I have received has left my face swollen from tears. I love you all so much. A statement too large for this format is coming…"

We just hope she gets through all of it. 



The internet has been alight with outbursts of support for singer Kesha as she fights be released from her recording contract with Sony music. 

On Friday the Tik Tok singer's contract was upheld by a New York judge and reams of fans and celebrities alike came out in support of the star. 

However, it seems that record producer Dr. Luke, who has remained silent throughout the dispute, has finally had his say as he took to Twitter yesterday, 

The renowned producer, who has created hit songs for the likes of Katy Perry and Jessie J, has been accused of drugging and raping Kesha while they were working together. 

The renowned producer suggested that Kesha is using the allegations as a tool to get out of a record contract that has turned sour. He pointed out that the singer had denied any claims she had been intimate with the producer during a separate case in 2011. 

The court case is ongoing but with Taylor Swift having just donated 250k to her legal fund and with the support of all social media, we're pretty sure Kesha will fight this one out to the bitter end.