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Yesterday the Internet exploded upon learning that Angelina Jolie had filed for divorce from her partner of 12 years Brad Pitt.

And with early reports suggesting that Brad had been cheating on his wife and that Angelina had grown anxious of her spouse’s approach to parenting, the world quickly began to crave the answer to one other very important question: What does Jennifer Aniston think of this?

Sources close to the former Friends star have reportedly told Us Weekly that while Jen doesn’t wish anything bad on Brad, the news of his latest split has left her feeling a little “satisfied”.

The source alleged that the Mother’s Day actress said “Yeah, that’s karma for you” when discussing the news with a close friend.

And while the 46-year-old did believe that her ex-husband loved the Maleficent star, the source claims “she always got the sense that something would happen with them eventually”.

“She didn’t feel that Angelina was truly the one who Brad was meant to stay with,” they continued.  “She always felt that Angelina was too complex for him.  He’s a pretty simple guy.”

Brad and Angelina have been together since 2004 after famously meeting on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

At the time, he was still married to Jennifer who the source says “admittedly feels sort of satisfied about Brad and Angelina’s split”.

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Could it be true? Could we finally be getting a tell-all memoir from the woman herself?

It seems like there could be potential for Lindsay Lohan’s life story, in her own words, to be hitting our book shelves soon.

Back in 2013, the actress was reportedly inundated with seven-figure offers from as many as 10 publishers to tell her story, reports E! News.

In a recent Instagram video it looks like the actress may be hinting at a literary future once again. While it is admittedly hard to determine what exactly she’s trying to record in the video, the caption was really all we needed to see.


#ciaofornow @lavishalice happy birthday teaser for my book FYI #karma

A video posted by Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) on

"#ciaofornow @lavishalice happy birthday," Lindsay wrote, but she also added, "teaser for my book FYI #karma."

According to a source for E!, when then the book offers were on the table previously, there was a plan to write a “deeply personal memoir”. It’s not entirely clear if this video is referencing the same project but we would certainly hope so. A look into Lindsay’s tumultuous life in the spotlight would certainly be of interest.

Especially if it was written by the celeb herself.

The 29-year old has been enjoying herself soaking up the sun in Mykonos, Greece as of late, but she hasn’t stopped teasing upcoming projects on social media.

She’s posted a number of possible clues, including shots from professional shoots of herself along with photos with designers. In the latest teaser she tagged the fashion line Lavish Alice whish she has collaborated with recently.


A photo posted by Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) on

E! News has contacted Lindsay’s reps for comment so time will tell it we’re going to finally the real story from the actress herself.


Watch what happens when the truck overtakes.