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Unless you've been living under a rock for the last few months, you'll know all about the drama which played out between Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

After insisting she was disgusted over the lyrical content of Kanye's track Famous, Taylor Swift attempted to distance herself from the rapper.

But, as we all know, Kim was having none of it, and eventually leaked footage which showed Taylor approving the derogatory lyrics.

And while the released version referred to Taylor as a 'bitch' and suggested Kanye and Tay might 'still have sex', the original version of the track is actually a lot harsher.

According to an MTV report, the track, which was originally called Nina Chop. again refers to Taylor, but, instead of saying they may have sex, Kanye states that "she owes him sex."

That's right; OWES him sex…

And it wasn't only Taylor who featured in Nina Chop with Kanye's ex girlfriend Amber Rose also getting a shout-out.

The lucky, lucky girls… not.



A Twitter post which Kanye dedicated to his mother on her birthday has social media users in bits today.

Sharing a photo of himself and Donda, who passed away in November 2007, Kanye made reference to the impact her passing has had on their family.

Now a father-of-two, Kanye explained that the granddaughter Donda never got a chance to meet had asked if she could visit her grandmother in heaven.

"Nori asked if the airplane could take her to heaven to see you for your birthday," Kanye wrote in the post which has been liked and retweeted more than a quarter of a million times in the last seven hours.

Exceptionally close to his mother, the world-famous rapper added 'I love you mom' in the moving upload which fans have responded to in their droves.

"Aww that's so sad and sweet she is resting now in peace looking over your guys being a beautiful Angel RIP," wrote a fan of the star. "Happy Birthday."

Other fans uploaded footage of the pair together, with one writing: "Thank you for the son you raised so beautifully. Rest Peacefully."