Jordan Hanz in a 24-year old make up artist who shares her amazing make up skills and transformations on Instagram with 250,000 followers.

Her incredible fantasy-inspired make up looks can take between three and five hours each to create and they are actually mindblowing. She has got some magic skills with a contour brush, she really does. 


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For her newest project, Jordan chose to create a video that shows how derogatory labels can have a powerful affect on women. Speaking to Buzzfeed Life she explained that she was "watching the VMAs, and saw Amber Rose's statement outfit," she then became "instantly inspired by her."


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Her idea then became a reality when she spent hours and hours creating a stop-motion video where hurtful words would appear on her body. She used makeup body paints to write the words whcih signified the stereotypes she felt she and the women in her life have had to fight against. 


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"As a woman who speaks out against others, I've often been called a bitch," she explained, "There is such a double standard when it comes to powerful men and women."

As the video goes on many words appear on her skin, Jordan says the phrase which was most difficult for her to write was 'asking for it'.


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"After I was assaulted, I was made to feel that it was my fault. Victim shaming and slut-shaming is something that I want to break down."

She then removes the words and explained the message behind the video as this:

"If we love each other, and have unbreakable self-love, NOTHING can hurt us. We are strong, bad-ass women that are ladylike as f**k, because WE choose how we see ourselves."