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Christmas shopping is stressful, but Christmas shopping just days before December 25 is a different experience entirely.

Unlike more organised festive shoppers, your desire to buy all around you has little to do with love for friends and family, and more to do with an all-encompassing need to tackle your entire list in one shop.

You may have pictured grabbing a coffee while enjoying the festive hustle and bustle, but in the lead-up to Christmas Day, you're more likely to grab a collar and fling an assuming randomer out of the way in order to get your hands on that final 3 for 2 offer.

And the following list is why next year is going to be different… very, very different.

1. Forgetting every single thing about your friends and family members which makes them unique.

"Will I get Dad a book? Does Dad like reading books? Wait, can Dad read?"

2.  Feeling like you're about to pass out from the sheer heat of an overcrowded, overheated cosmetic hall.

"Can I get this blush in a… sorry… I'm about to… you'll have to excuse me…"

3. Assuming that the deep crevices embedded in the palms of your hands from multiple shopping bags are officially here to stay.

"Well, nothing a good hand cream and Shellac job won't help disguise, right?"

4. Finding five gifts that would suit one friend, and no gifts that would suit the rest of the squad.

"Why can't Siobhan, Aisling and Ruth be more like Claire? Rude."

5. Reminding yourself that Christmas has become nothing more than an overblown commercial fest, and there's more to life than 3 for 2 offers.

"I can't believe they're putting me through this. I hate them all."

6. Wishing your other half could be more like you because you've found 100 things that you'd love.

"He's pushing his luck, I'm serious."

Look, we know we got ourselves into this situation, but that doesn't help when we're stumbling into equally stressed and overloaded shoppers who, frankly, hate us just as much we hate them at that moment.



If you fancy yourself a bit of a budding TV star, then this opportunity is right up your street!

Leading Irish car insurance company, its4women.ie, is looking for women from all across Ireland to star in its TV, print, digital and outdoor campaigns.

The theme is something we can all relate to – finding the perfect partner.

Image result for women driving

The campaign is aiming to feature everyday Irish women in its advertisements, and want the ladies to also share their experiences and insights into finding their perfect match.

Be it your best mate, your boyfriend or girlfriend, your mum or your favourite aunt, its4women.ie want you to spill your thoughts on life, love and laughter.

No matter where you're from or what your background, all women over the age of 21 are welcome to apply.

Close-up of Vintage Car

The campaign will be filmed in May before being rolled out screens and billboards in June.

To apply check out this website before April 12. You must be free to film on either May 3, 4 or 5 in Dublin.

Good luck!

Oh, and while we have you; don't forget to have your say in the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May! It's time to vote, and you can do it right here!