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2018 brought us plenty of trends that we want to leave in the past, but Danish cosiness concept hygge is going from strength to strength. 

We're sure that by now you have stumbled across the trending term and wondered, firstly, how the hell you pronounce it. 

It's "hoo-ga," but the pronunciation is pretty much the only complicated consideration from this trend.

Hygge describes the distinctly Danish feeling of cosiness and contentment, which involves setting up your living space in a way that promotes comfort, and taking the time to do things like soak in a candle-lit bubble bath and lounge around on Scandi-style blankets with purring, sleepy cats. 

Oxford Dictionary short-listed the term for its word of the year, so it's definitely popular. 

A quick search for the term on Instagram throws up over 1 million images of thick, knitted socks and tables strewn with books and scented candles. 

The national obsession with all things comfy is credited as one of the reasons why Denmark is always at the top of the list of the world's happiest countries.

Instead of wallowing in misery during the infamously violent winters, the Danes have embraced their indoor time by creating snug, fairy-lit spaces away from the cold.

The movement even promotes the wearing of comfortable pyjama-esque clothes that you would never wear outside.

Thermal leggings, UGGs and knitted jumpers are the outfit of choice.

Hyggebukser is even the hygge term for leggings, as if we needed another excuse to constantly wear them. 


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Countless books have been written on the subject, showing the non-natives how to perfect the art. 

So, next time you feel guilty for watching Love Actually under a throw blanket with a mug of hot chocolate all day, just remember you're partaking in this year's hottest trend. 


The hype over hygge was one of the biggest lifestyle trends of 2016, and it hasn't gone away this year.

If anything, people are more obsessed with creating the ultimate cosy experiences in their homes than ever.  

Here are some amazing, snuggly gifts for the hygge lover in your life:

Zara Gardenia candle €19.99 The Little Book of Hygge €11.50, Throw €29.99, UGG slippers €105.00

 Lush Butter Bear €3.50, Boohoo Plus PJ set €24.00

 Fluffy cushion €16.00, Comfy Zone print €4.11, Hot Chocolate melt €3.50, Penneys PJ bottoms €8.00

Alice Hannah beanie hat €16.22, Lush Sleepy body lotion €15.95

Macrame Plant Hanger €22.89 + shipping, Pine tree candle €4.99, Penneys copper mug €5.00, The Little Book of Hygge €10.00


If the crisp mornings and falling leaves haven't given you the clue, winter is on the way, and there is no better time than now to add some cosy touches to your home decor. 

Sprucing up your space for winter conjures up images of rich fluffy throws, scented candles and fresh, comfy new bedding – all elements of a hygge look.

Hygge was huge last year, as the Scandi trend dominated our living spaces, and it's back by popular demand. 

Penneys is getting on on the action by creating their own line of hygge-inspiured homewear to keep us toasty all winter long. 

 Paisley print duvet €11.00, knitted cushion, €8.00, two tone blanket, €23.00, duck egg blue cushion, €8.00, round lamp, €6.00

 Hibernate cushion, €6.00 beige throw, €10.00, two tone throw, €23.00, pink throw, €20.00, faux fur brown cushion, €10.00

 Kitchen cutlery, €6.00, plates, €3.00, table runner, €5.00

 Copper mugs, €5.00, bowls €3.00, Apron, €5.00, rose gold cutlery, €6.00, oven glove €3.00, knitted mug €4.00

Sheepskin throw €10.00, cushions from €6


Hygge took over as the biggest lifestyle trend for winter, but there are ways to adapt the trend to the summer months. 

While hot chocolate and fluffy socks are part and parcel of winter hygge, there are plenty of ways the distinctly Danish feeling of cosiness and contentment can be applied in the summer months. 

Garden parties

While cosy nights in with hot chocolate and vanilla candles is the quickest route to winter hygge, when the weather is good Netflix usually isn't the first thing on the agenda. 

Getting your friends or family together for a perfectly prepped garden party is the quickest route to summertime hygge happiness. 

String up some bunting (and fairy lights when dusk falls), scatter your outdoor furniture with throws, cushions and tablecloths, and swap hot wine and s'mores for a crisp wine spritzer, Aperol Spritz or G&T with a strawberry salad and you're ready to go. 


Hygge is simply the Danish ritual of enjoying life's simple pleasures. 

Keeping your garden, balcony herb garden or window box looking beautiful is the perfect way to embody the ritual of creating something simple and charming, and is an excellent way to indulge in summer hygge. 

Plus, the garden will be looking lovely for the garden parties. 


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Fresh hygge decor

Winter decor with a hygge vibe involves thick knitted blankets, fluffy furnishings and plenty of creams and muted tones. 

Adapting the look for summer involves making a few small changes to brighten up the home. 

Swap your indoor fairy lights for copper string lights, trade your fur covered pillows for bright Nordic-print cushion covers, hang some plant-filled terrariums, and incorporate green and pale yellow tones into your summer-styled rooms.


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In-house foliage

Speaking of interior decor, live plants and fresh cut flowers are an ideal way to brighten up the inside of your home, and admiring the beauty of nature is definitely very hygge. 

Fill a vase with seasonal flowers, as well as lots of green foliage to create the ideal summer bouquet for your coffee table.

Lavender and leaf arrangements smell divine and keep very well if you don't want to invest in a bouquet that will wilt before the week is out (and you can throw a sprig in your gin with some juniper berries for a refreshing but aromatic cocktail).


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Summer siestas

Napping is definitely one of life's simple pleasures, so taking a weekend nap is the perfect way to practice self care while catching up on your zZzZzs. 

And if you can mange it in a hammock in the back garden?

Then all the better. 

Star gazing

It's rare in Ireland that we get a mild enough night to sit out and star gaze, but the activity definitely reflects the core value of hygge.

While the weather is balmy, set up the deck chairs or bring your winter throw out and lay it on the grass and count the stars. 


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There is nothing we love more than curling up in a knitted jumper with a cup of tea in our hands and our favourite scented candle burning.

This aesthetic has been pioneered by Danish cosiness concept, hygge, which is still going from strength to strength since its adoption by popular culture last year. 

Luckily, Penneys has us covered, paying homage to hygge with their latest homeware collection. 

From oven mitts to fairy lights and everything in between, we're ready to feel all comfy and cosy once the night sets in.

Faux sheepskin rug €10, Bronze lamp €8.00, Cushion €8.00, Storage bin €4.00

 Knit blanket €23.00, Rug €7.00, Cloth napkins €2.50, Bronze lamp €10.00

Tea lights  €1.30, LED fairy lights €2.50

Knitted storage bin €10.00, Bronze lantern €10.00, Over mitt €3.50, Table runner €5.00

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When you think of detoxing, a gruelling, chastising juice cleanse or quitting coffee probably springs to mind.

After a year of embracing the warm, cosy and slightly cluttered hygge trend, the next lifestyle movement is detox.

The detox lifestyle is a nod to minimalism, with stripped back, reclaimed wooden floors, glass accents and mostly clear shelves.


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It doesn't mean getting rid of items necessarily, but managing your possessions in the most efficient way possible and maybe purging those you don't need (hoarders, look away). 

A detoxed living space creates a more organised environment in which things aren't lost to a landscape of clutter, including your thoughts.

Everything has it's place and its purpose. 


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However, this doesn't mean shoving everything into a barely closing closet or drawer to create a minimalist aesthetic.

The beauty of detoxing comes from the peace of mind acquired by organisation, and clearing and harmonising every hidden aspect of your home is essential. 

This means cleaning out your closets and drawers and creating negative space under beds and on top of wardrobes. 


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The lifestyle also takes an ethical approach to consumerism, and has its roots in the zero-waste movement. 

A detoxed home should incorporate reclaimed raw materials wherever possible, and buying from chain stores with high pollution outputs should be avoided.

If you're renting, simply opting for eco-friendly interiors made from recycled materials and switching to sustainable energy sources wherever possible can make a big difference. 

The detoxed space can seem a little bare, so adding throws, candles and an abundance of green plants can create warmth and homeliness.

While hygge was perfect for 2016, a fresh take on minimalism is ideal for the new year.