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Danish band Lukas Graham have landed in hot water after covering the late rapper XXXTenacion's song SAD!, claiming to have no knowledge of his violent past.

The track was covered as a stripped-down version for the Spotify Singles series, and now the lead singer Lukas Forchammer has stated that the song will be removed from streaming services.

He posted a now-deleted statement to Instagram, writing; “Our cover of ‘SAD!’ will be taken down ASAP. I had no knowledge of his violent history. I’m very sorry for the pain I’ve caused. Again, I’m very sorry.”

The band allegedly had no clue about the deceased rap artist's controversial history with the law.

At the time of his death back in 2016, he was facing trial for a number of charges including false imprisonment and aggravated battery of a pregnant woman.

The band's apology referenced XXX's domestic abuse charges from October 2016, after he was shot and killed in June of that year.

The 20-year-old's multi-platinum-selling posthumous album ? has been boosted and featured by a number of famous hip-hop and rap artists.

The rapper confessed to “f*cking up” his ex-girlfriend, in addition to a number of other violent crimes in a secret video which was made public after his death.

Real name Jahseh Onfroy said in an interview with the podcast No Jumper that he nearly killed his gay prison inmate who was staring at him. He laughed throughout the interview, showing no remorse.

"I was going crazy,” he told the interviewer. “I smear his blood on my face, on my hands. I got it, like, in my nails. I got it all over me. I was going f*cking crazy.”


2018 brought us plenty of trends that we want to leave in the past, but Danish cosiness concept hygge is going from strength to strength. 

We're sure that by now you have stumbled across the trending term and wondered, firstly, how the hell you pronounce it. 

It's "hoo-ga," but the pronunciation is pretty much the only complicated consideration from this trend.

Hygge describes the distinctly Danish feeling of cosiness and contentment, which involves setting up your living space in a way that promotes comfort, and taking the time to do things like soak in a candle-lit bubble bath and lounge around on Scandi-style blankets with purring, sleepy cats. 

Oxford Dictionary short-listed the term for its word of the year, so it's definitely popular. 

A quick search for the term on Instagram throws up over 1 million images of thick, knitted socks and tables strewn with books and scented candles. 

The national obsession with all things comfy is credited as one of the reasons why Denmark is always at the top of the list of the world's happiest countries.

Instead of wallowing in misery during the infamously violent winters, the Danes have embraced their indoor time by creating snug, fairy-lit spaces away from the cold.

The movement even promotes the wearing of comfortable pyjama-esque clothes that you would never wear outside.

Thermal leggings, UGGs and knitted jumpers are the outfit of choice.

Hyggebukser is even the hygge term for leggings, as if we needed another excuse to constantly wear them. 


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Countless books have been written on the subject, showing the non-natives how to perfect the art. 

So, next time you feel guilty for watching Love Actually under a throw blanket with a mug of hot chocolate all day, just remember you're partaking in this year's hottest trend.