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Two people have been killed in a mass shooting at a school in Benton, Kentucky.

Both of the deceased victims were aged 15. 

19 others have been injured in the shooting, 14 of which sustained gun shot wounds on the grounds of Marshall County High School.

A 15-year-old male student was arrested at the scene, said Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin.

He will be charged with murder and attempted murder. 

'This situation was interrupted, there is no way of knowing how far it would have gone.' Lt Michael Webb told The Mirror.

The school was placed on lock down and the premises was evacuated. 

'They was running and crying and screaming,' local business owner Mitchell Garland told the Associated Press.

'They was just kids running down the highway. They were trying to get out of there.'



At least one person has been killed in a mass shooting at a high school in Benton, Kentucky.

Five others have been shot and injured in the incident. 

The suspect has been detained by police on the grounds of Marshall County High School.

According to reports, the shooting began within a common room in the high school. 

The school has been placed on lock down, and emergency services are at the scene. 

A number of staff and students are still in the school. 

We will bring you more on this story as we have it. 


Modern Family star, Ariel Winters is a high school graduate!

The actress graduated yesterday from private school, Campbell Hall, and she looked as mature and elegant as always at the ceremony.

Ariel's graduation was held at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA, and she wore a soft pink dress, which hugged her figure in the perfect way, and dyed her hair bright red for the occasion – really accentuating her individual style.


It's actually done…I GRADUATED

A photo posted by Ariel Winter (@arielwinter) on

She was seen leaving the venue wearing a blue and yellow robe, as well as holding a yellow rose.

In April, the young starlet revealed that she's heading to the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) to study in September.

She said, "The college process was so long and just really, really insane. But at the end of the day, I'm so happy with UCLA."

But fear not, it won't be the end of acting for her as she's going to continue to star on the silver screen throughout her college life.

Congrats, Ariel!



It’s safe to say that our school years weren’t the most stylish time of our lives here in SHEmazing!, and it looks as though Iggy Azalea was in the same boat!

One of the star’s former classmates posted a photo from his high school year book on Twitter, and a twelve-year-old Amethyst Kelly (Iggy’s real name) is seen wearing a blue polo shirt and an orange hairband – the go-to hair accessory for any twelve-year-old girl, for sure.

Little did she know that in another twelve years she would be one of the world’s biggest stars – or did she? By the look on her face, we can't help but think she knew this would not be her last photo shoot!