Sometimes we just don’t have the time to enjoy the gloriousness of a shower.

However ,these pretty handy tips will help you get  through a no-shower day without smelling like you just rolled around in a bin.

Your hair
For oily hair spray a little dry shampoo onto the roots. Or ,if you don’t have dry shampoo, sprinkle a little baking soda onto your hairbrush and run it through your hair.

Beyond dry shampoo
If you hair has a gone too far to be rescued by dry shampoo you will need to put it into an updo. Braids work just as well.

Use a little soap

If you do have a little time, wash under your arms with soap and water.

Your feet
Feet can smell as sweat builds up so sprinkle a little baby powder into your shoes so the smell won’t linger.

Scented body lotion
When it comes to moisturising your body, go for a scented body lotion that will make you smell clean, even if you’re not.

Baby wipes
Baby wipes are great if you don’t have time to get into a shower or you just don’t have a shower to get into. Wipe the back of your neck, your armpits and knees to get rid of any lingering smells or black marks.

Clothes spray
Spritz a little clothes spray like Febreze onto your outfit. Every little helps.

Above all, make sure you change your underwear there is just no excuse.