5 ways to feel more energised

We all have times when lying in bed with the covers over our head seem like the best way to get through the day.

Unfortunately, jobs and life get in the way of our desire to be asleep,  so read these tips to feel instantly energised:

Go to bed earlier
Yes, it can be as simple as hitting the hay 30 minutes or even an hour earlier than you usually would.

Have a fruit juice or smoothie
Juice the hell out of your fruit and veg for the best kick start to your day. When you are feeling the 3pm slump, grab some of your juice and stay away from the coffee.

Drink water
Drink water and lots of it! Feeling tired can be a sign of dehydration so carry a bottle of water around with you for instant energy.

Play some music
Get your body pumping by turning up your favourite sounds when they come on the radio. You’ll be surprised how instantly energised you’ll feel.

Even if you don’t feel like it, a workout will instantly give you energy.