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Tommy Hilfiger is bringing his TommyNow show back to New York City after taking sell-out collections around the world with exciting Gigi Hadid and Zendaya collaborations.

The Fall 2019 Zendaya x Tommy experimental runway event will be debuted on Sunday, September 8 in Harlem, NYC with the global brand ambassador.

The designer made the brave switch from creating traditional collections featuring his own ready-to-wear designs to a series of collaborations back in 2016, but he's ready to come back to NYC.


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The shows have gone on the road, with a theme park built in Los Angeles in honour of the Tommy x Gigi and Tommy x Zendaya collections, as well as staging a circus in London and a race track in Milan. 

There was even a 'Battle of Versailles'-themed dance floor in Paris, because why not? The blowout parties have been hugely successful, but for their Fall show, Hilfiger and Zendaya are coming back to where it all began.

According to a statement from the brand, Zendaya was inspired to display the collection at the iconic Apollo Theatre in Harlem.


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"Zendaya's desire to bring TommyNow to Harlem felt like an amazing next step in expressing her vision for the future," Hilfiger said.

"Her statement-making point of view in everything she does is what makes her such an inspiring collaborator – it is honour to continue to provide her with a platform in the fashion industry to share this."

The dazzling show is set to take place this September, only months after Zendaya's powerful debut runway exhibition. 


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The 22-year-old Spiderman: Far From Home and Euphoria actress has made a splash across the fashion world, to say the least, with brand sponsorships and ambassador offers coming from all angles.

The likes of Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald, Patti LaBelle and The Supremes have graced the Apollo stage with their presence over the years, so Zendaya x Tommy has big shoes to fill.

Seeing as the pair already managed to book Grace Jones and a roller disco for their debut show at Paris Fashion Week, we're sure they've got something magical up their couture sleeves.


Grab your shorts and sunglasses, there are some must-see concerts coming to Dublin this summer!

Summer concerts are not for the faint of heart. They’re usually an outright mess full of sing-a-longs, greasy food, spilled booze, and fake tan running down your legs.

Needless to say, we love it all!

There is nothing like good music and drinks in the rarely seen Irish sun, and we have got the scoop on the hottest acts to hit the city streets.

So, who’s playing?

Bands and their supporting acts include:

  • Monday 23rd July – Grace Jones – Wyvern Lingo – Gates 19:00

  • Tuesday 24th July – Il Divo – The Trinity Orchestra – Gates 19:00

  • Wednesday 25th July – Rag’n’Bone Man – Grace Carter – Gates 19:00

  • Friday 27th July – Bryan Ferry – Ultan Conlon – Gates 19:00

  • Saturday 28th July – Gavin James – Little Hours – Gates 19:00

  • Sunday 29th July – Imelda May – Keywest, Paradisia – Gates 19:00

To purchase tickets and for all ticket queries, visit Ticketmaster.

This event is 18+ only, and ID in the form of a passport, driver’s license, or Garda age card will be required.

How do I get there?

There will be no nearby parking available so try and take public transport!

(Bus, Rail, DART and LUAS, which all bring you to within a 15 minute walk, or less, from Trinity College.) For more information on travel and transport, please visit:

What can I bring?

Make sure your purse is A4 size or smaller. Think minimalist! There will be no cloakroom or storage room on site.

We have heard horror stories of girls having to turn back or hide their Michael Kors bags in the bushes because they were too big to bring into the venue.

However, you can always store your bag at an Internet cafe or in a locker at one of the locations below:

  • Extreme Ireland tourism (37 College Green)

  • Connolly Dart Station

  • Ned Kelly’s (O’Connell Street Upper)

Please enter Trinity college park via Lincoln Gate and Science Gallery Gate. There will be no access via Front Archway or Nassau Street.

A location map can be found in EvntzApp (www.evntzapp.ie) if you want to navigate more easily around campus.

Photo by Oliver Sjöström from https://ollivves.com

are not allowed to bring in your own food or drink. If you have a condition that requires specific dietary requirements, please email customercare@mcd.ie to pre-clear your food items.

Don’t worry! There will be plenty of food and drink available to buy in the venue. Just follow the signs!

There will be ATMs and plenty of merch in the venue as well. So, you can always buy a band shirt if you’ve nothing to wear.

There is NO readmission to these events, so do not leave and expect to come back for the main act.

What can’t you bring:

  • Aerosols/ Air horns

  • Animals (Other than registered guide or hearing dogs)

  • Alcohol

  • Any item which may reasonably be considered for use as a weapon

  • Audio recorders

  • Backpacks/ Large bags /Waist packs

  • Banners with poles or poles of any kind

  • Bottles

  • Cans

  • Cameras with detachable lens or recording equipment

  • Camping equipment

  • Chinese or sky lanterns

  • Cooler boxes or large containers

  • Crash helmets, or protective headwear, Body-Armor or protective clothing

  • Deckchairs

  • Drumsticks

  • Excessive amounts of batteries, wire, cables or electronical component

  • Fireworks and Flares

  • Flagpoles

  • Garden furniture, Fold up chairs or shooting sticks (excluding shows previously mentioned)

  • Glass

  • Glow sticks

  • Go Pros

  • Illegal substances/ illegal merchandise of any description

  • iPads

  • Large umbrellas

  • Large chains, Spiked bracelets or wallet chains

  • Large flags, Placards or posters (Inc Sticks)

  • Light-Sabres

  • Lasers/Laser pens or torches

  • Led headbands, wristbands, Glow sticks or light emitting objects of any kind (except mobile/cell phones)

  • Liquids – No liquids are permitted other than sealed water less than 500ml allowed (Caps will be removed)

  • Nitrous Oxide

  • Portable laser equipment and pens

  • Selfie sticks

  • Smoke canisters

  • Sound systems

  • Spray cans

  • Tridents

  • Un-Authorized professional film or video equipment

  • Unofficial tabards or reflective jackets

Please keep an eye on the following websites for all the latest event updates:

Make sure to review this list before you make your way down to the event! Invite your friends, and we hope you have a fantastic time!