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Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life has taken over the lives of Netflix lovers across the globe.

The revival of the noughties TV show has been a smash success, with the show reaching old and new fans alike.

As with all good drama series, there have been a few controversies along the way from those last four words to the coffee cup controversy sweeping social media.

If you've ever watched the show, you'll know that the girls love to drink their coffee in a slightly unusual manner, clutching the bottom of the cup with their palms flat.

Online outcry over the unusual method has taken over Twitter, with fans speculating that there is, in fact, no coffee in the cups whatsoever. 

Sitting down with Stephen Colbert on the Late Late Show, GG veteran Lauren Graham effortlessly demonstrated how the method worked, proving that you can indeed drink coffee in this fashion.

“There is always coffee in my cup. Always. That is a pet peeve of mine. I’m holding it. I’m holding it like this. I’m looking at snow, I’m holding the cup. I’m drinking," she said. 

"I love the controversies that are cropping up!”


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The star also spoke about her love for her classic character and the show.

"The fact that it was sort of the people who brought us back and we got to finish a story that we hadn’t gotten to finish and this character I love so much. I was just a freak, and I had so much appreciation."

"It was actually very overwhelming. I’m not a person who cries very easily, but I cried almost every day.”



*Don't worry, if you still haven't watched the Gilmore Girls revival or if you haven't heard the #LastFourWords yet, there's no spoilers here.*

Alexis Bledel appeared on Jimmy Fallon last night, which was her first appearance since A Year in the Life dropped on Netflix.

It's safe to say the series has been highly anticipated, and it was made even better by most of the original cast getting on board.

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The actress chatted to Jimmy about her fellow cast mates on the show, and actually, her favourites might surprise you.

“I think Caesar (Aris Alvarado) is awesome,” she admitted “He’s underrated, he’s amazing."

Her next fave was Rory's neighbour Babette (Sally Struthers) and then Stars Hallow resident dance teacher Miss Patty (Liz Torres).

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“They were on All in the Family together and every time they would come to set and sing show tunes, and it was such a raucous day on set every day they were there, so I have to appreciate them," she said.

And her final fave? Kirk (Sean Gunn). Now, don't get us wrong. We love these characters as much as the next person, but what about good 'oul Luke? Or ruggedly handsome Jess? Or even the man we all love to hate, Taylor Doose? Or SOOKIE?

OK, let's just admit they're all great because we can't actually pick our favourites…


It's TOMORROW, Gilmore Girls fans. The day we've been waiting for all year is literally just a few hours away.

While we have sooo many questions (like, WHO will Rory end up with?), we have also set our eyes on a wedding dress inspired by the woman herself, Ms. R Gilmore.


Don't take it from us, take it from @martha_weddings : "You HAVE to see this wedding dress" #MeetRGilmore

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Bridal designer, Floravere, has envisioned what Lorelai's daughter might walk down the aisle in (if she does), and we absolutely love it.

The embroidery is subtle but stunning, and the stream-lined design is definitely perfect for Rory to say 'I do' in.

Hell, we'd love to say 'I do' in it…

Floravere explains on their website: "The R.Gilmore honours the woman who embraces tradition, but adds her own personality and verve to it, who is beautiful and smart, witty and kind, independent and deeply rooted."

TOMORROW, people.


In late October, Netflix offered fans a brief glimpse at the highly anticipated Gilmore Girls reboot by releasing the first Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life squeal-inducing two minute trailer.

And now, just days before Rory, Lorelai and co return to small screens across the globe, the revered entertainment specialist has sent hearts racing with a SECOND GG preview.

The clip shows Rory struggling to deal with life as an unemployed college graduate, Lorelai questioning her relationship with Luke and Emily coming to terms with the loss of her husband.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, as in true Gilmore Girls fashion, the video is laced with girly humour, unorthodox advice and musings like Lorelai’s “I believe in a former life I was coffee”.  Classic.

Check it out below:

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life premieres on Netflix November 25.


The time is nearly here for the Girlmore Girls revival to hit our Netflix screens, but it looks like Alexis Bledel just spilled a major spoiler.

The 35-year-old was speaking to Us Weekly and accidentally revealed which one of Rory's boys she won't be getting back together with.

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Spilling the beans that Rory and Dean only have one scene together, she said: "It was great working with him again.

"He's always so affable and friendly, and he's got this great energy. Our scene was so fun to film. It was great to work with him again."

Image result for rory and dean

Only copping on to what she said, Alexis exclaimed: "I guess I just said that! So oops!"

With only 14 days left, we're so excited to see what happens.



Even though Barb wasn't a main character in Stranger Things, it's safe to say we all felt for her and what she had to go through.

With bright freckles (which are beautiful btw), plaid shirts and thick-rimmed glasses, she was seen as the outsider of the group, but wait until you see what she looks like in real life.


A photo posted by Shannon Purser (@shannonpurser) on

Shannon Purser who plays Barb is really glam in her normal life and often takes to Instagram to share gorgeous selfies and fab outfit pics.

Even though it looked like she was killed in the first season of the show, it hasn't been confirmed if Barb will be back for season two.


SO much fun working with these two lovely, warm, goofy people. So thankful.

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However, rumours started swirling that Shannon might be starring in the Gilmore Girls reboot when she shared a picture of her working alongside Melissa McCarthy.

She captioned the picture: "SO much fun working with these two lovely, warm, goofy people. So thankful."

Will she be Sookie's daughter?! Who knows… 


It's ONE month until the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life hits our Netflix screens and it's safe to say we are soooo excited.

And now, the trailer is finally here – and don't worry it's not a silly 30-second clip giving us nothing, it's a full 2.26 minutes and it gave us chills.

From the boys all being back, to saying goodbye to Richard, we'd say this series is going to make us both laugh and cry.

The trailer shows Rory, Lorelai and Emily all at a crossroads in their lives and we're guessing the show will be all about how they overcome them.

Also we see Dean, Jess, Sookie, Logan, Babette, Miss Patti and Kirk!

We're so damn excited for this.


Late last year, it was announced that Gilmore Girls would be making its long-awaited on-screen comeback in the form of four 90 minute Netflix episodes.

Ever since the news broke, trickles of information about the highly anticipated reboot have been fed to fans along with nostalgia-inducing trivia about the original show.

The latest instalment of this trivia features one of Hollywood’s hottest heartthrobs.

Speaking at The Gilmore Girls Fan Festival this weekend, casting director Jami Rudofsky revealed that Ryan Gosling almost landed a role in the hit Warner Bros. series.

“When I was a very wee casting person, I was casting an independent movie for no money,” explained Jami.

“This guy came in, and he was late, and I rolled my eyes because he was late, and he was blonde.  I thought he was giving attitude ― what I didn’t realise was that he was in character.  He did the audition, and it was one of the most amazing auditions that I’ve ever seen.”

On the back of this incident, The Notebook star was invited to audition for a football player role in Gilmore Girls but – in a scenario which pretty much alters the history of GG fans’ lives – his audition failed to impress.

“[I’d] kept him in my mind, and I was thinking ‘I can’t wait for them to meet him.’  And I am talking him up,” continued Jami.

“So he came in, I think it was a football character? I don’t even remember…He auditioned, and it kind of fell flat.”

With that heart wrenching piece of history in mind, watching Gilmore Girls this November is going to be beyond emosh. 

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*If you don't want to know anything about the Gilmore Girls revival – look away NOW*


When the Gilmore Girls revival was announced, we all jumped for joy and raced to watch the series from start to finish all over again.

We have so many questions… Like, will Lorelei ever just marry Luke? And who will Rory choose? We know it's not Dean, so Logan? Or Jess? And how will they get around the tragedy of Edward Herrmann's (Richard Gilmore) death?

While we may have to wait a while for all of these questions to be answered (doesn't time feel like it's dragging?), a little ray of sunshine dropped on us this morning. And that little ray of sunshine is the first page of the script. GAH.

And even though it reveals nothing about what's going to happen, it brings us right home to Stars Hollow.

Get ready for the memories to come flooding in.


It feels like we've been waiting on ths day for YEARS.

They teased us with photos and interviews for months now, but finally, the release date for the Gilmore Girls revivial is here – and we're delighted.

Netflix shared a small teaser (which I got very excited about) where Rory and Loreli are chatting away as normal, but at the end, November 25 pops up on the screen.

Yes ladies, keep November 25 free. If you're anything like me you'll be cuddled up on the sofa with a bag of microwave popcorn at the ready.


The lead up to the Gilmore Girls revival has been a long and drawn out process – but you won't have to wait much longer (well, kinda).

The star of the show, Lauren Graham, has just revealed that Netflix are going to have ALL seven seasons on their site very soon.

Telling fans the good news in a YouTube video, on July 1 (this Friday!), the American show will hit our green isle.

"Maybe you’ve seen Gilmore Girls or maybe you’ve never seen it and always meant to watch it.

“Either way, now you can starting July 1st," said Lorelai Lauren.

The revival episodes are due to hit our screens sometime before Christmas, yet no official date has been announced.



*If you DON'T want to know anything about the Gilmore Girls revival then look away NOW*

The highly anticipated Gilmore Girls reunion series is coming in only a few months, and we all have a million and one questions we'd like answered.

But the question that's coming from left, right and centre is: Who does Rory end up with?

Dean (Jared Padalecki), Jess (Milo Ventimiglia) and Logan (Matt Czuchry) have all confirmed that they're coming back for the revival, so honestly, it could be any one of them.

However, pulling the typical dad move, David Sutcliffe, who plays Rory's dad Chris, has spilled the beans and revealed which man she doesn't end up with.


While on USA Today, David was asked which fictional boyfriend he thinks Rory should be with, and he replied with: "I'm not even sure where she's at, but I'm partial to, who's the first boyfriend?"

To which the presenter says, "Dean."

"Yes, Dean. I was going to say Jess, but I mean Dean. I know they're not going to end up together but, Rory and Dean seem like a good couple."

So, there you have it, ladies. She's NOT going to end up with Dean.

Now all bets are on for Jess and Logan (and we really can't choose).