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If you’re excited for the Gilmore Girls revival, then take in a load of this.

The costume designer for the reunion series, Brenda Maben, shared a snap of Melissa McCarthy all dressed up as Sookie St. James, and we are literally brimming with delight.

And also in the snap, is everyone’s beloved grump, Michél.

Most recently, the name for the upcoming show was announced: Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life and it will be made up of four 90-minute episodes.


However, they’re keeping us on our toes with no premiere date mentioned yet.

We’re hoping it’s super soon though.



We're SUPER excited for the revival of Gilmore Girls (so excited we've started to watch it from the beginning again), so it's safe to say we're desperate looking forward to seeing what will happen to Rory and Lorelai.

Netflix has yet to set a date for the reunion debut, but has released these sneak peak images to keep us going. 


Images: Netflix



It seems like it's not all rainbows and sunshine in Stars Hollow at the moment.

We (and the rest of the world) are super excited for the Gilmore Girls reunion episodes on Netflix, but one man wants some money for them.

Former producer Gavin Polone has filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros claiming that he didn't receive compensation for the show's revival.

He's suing the company for $195,000 (€170,000) and also wants to lawsuit to go to trial, according to Deadline.

"Upon learning that production had begun on the Subsequent Episodes, plaintiff’s representative reached out to defendant regarding plaintiff’s compensation under the Operative Agreement," the court documents read.

Gavin was an executive producer on show for all seven seasons from 2000 to 2007.



Finally! We thought she might have banished from Stars Hollow and the beloved Sookie would never be seens again (but, obviously we totally over-reacted).

Melissa McCarthy has confirmed that she is making her way back to the Gilmore Girls.

The actress had turned down the chance to be a part of the reunion show due to scheduling issues, but she has now revealed that all has worked out and Sookie St James is BACK.

While speaking on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Melissa said: "There has been something that I have been asked about so, so many times and it hasn't worked out and there is… they're making four new movies of the Gilmore Girls which is a show which was near and dear to my heart for four years.

"And we could not get those schedules to work. And there was a whole thing and then I was gonna be out of the country and blah, blah, blah. And literally about an hour and half ago we figured out that I am gonna go back and do it and I am so excited. And they are gonna be amazing."



The Gilmore Girls reunion is shaping up to probably be the best TV revival ever – and now another actress has been added to the line-up.

Laura Graham's on-screen daughter in Parenthood is set to make a small cameo in one of the four episodes, which will air on Netflix later this year.

TVLine reports that Mae (a.k.a Amber Holt) will be in the show, "In a really fun (albeit small) moment with Graham that will delight Parenthood fans."

We're hoping she might do a little musical number with Laura, but whatever happens, prepare for ALL the emotions. 


Filming for next years Gilmore Girls revival is already underway, but one cast member's presence has yet to be confirmed – Melissa McCarthy.

Although Lauren Graham (Lorelai), Alexis Bledel (Rory), Scott Patterson (Luke) and a whole host of others are already on board for the four-part reunion, there's been a lot of back-and-forth about Melissa's participation on the show.

Now Melissa has revealed that she most likely won't be reviving her role as Sookie – though she insists there's no bad blood and that it was simply a matter of scheduling.

"I don't think I am [coming back]," she told E! News this week while promoting her new film, The Boss.

"I didn't actually get asked to do it. But I think they thought I was busy, and then by the time it did come up, then I actually was."

Though she won't feature in the revival, Melissa promised that she'd be tuning in with the rest of the fans.

"I loved that show, and I think the fans for that show are super loyal and great and I will watch every single one of them." 

With both Ghostbusters and The Boss coming out this year, it's no surprise that Melissa might have less time on her hands than her former co-stars, but we're still holding out hope for a cameo.

But despite Melissa's reservations, Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino admitted she'd happily write in a last-minute part if it came down to it.

"Look, if Melissa is available and has an afternoon free, I'll write her a scene," she said last year.

"Melissa was one of us. If she has a spare moment to run over [to the set] — even if for just a cameo — we would be totally game."

Fingers crossed.

For the lowdown on all we know so far, read our Gilmore Girls revival cheat sheet!



It's safe to say that we're all super excited about the Gilmore Girls revival – but get ready to be uber excited by this news.

A Gilmore Girls WEDDING looks to be on the cards, and we just can't wait.

On a recent Warner Bros Studios tour, one fan spotted something very interesting, very interesting indeed.

On a lamp there was a slip of paper that read "Gilmore Girls… Wedding". Yep, wedding!

Now, we all just can't wait to see who will be the lucky bride, because come on, it either has to be Lorelai or Rory.



After Melissa McCarthy tweeted that she wasn't asked back for the Gilmore Girls reboot, it's safe to say that many of us were outraged on her/Sookie's behalf. She was one of our favourites, after all.

But some eagle eyed social media users have noticed a few things popping up in recent days that seem very suspicious. 

The actress was seen in a photo of one of the cast members, Yanic Truesdale a.k.a. MICHEL.

Yep, Michel, Lori's longtime grumpy employee that we all loved (because that grumpiness is secretly how we all feel).

Now, here's where it gets tricky. In the caption, Yanic wrote: Scotch, great meal and catching up with my old friend @melissamccarthy, can't ask for more! Don't read anything into it guys."

Note: We KNOW he said don't read anything into it, but come on guys, these two in the same place, at the same time can't be completely innocent.. right?… RIGHT?


Every day it seems like more news is rolling in about the upcoming Gilmore Girls revival, and after TWO of our favourite characters (Jess and Dean) confirmed less than 24 hours apart that they'd be returning, we felt it was time to do a round up of what we know so far.

Here goes…

All of Rory's love interests will be making a return
Matt Czuchry was the first to confirm he'd be reprising his role as Logan, Rory's Yale boyfriend. Then, just yesterday, Milo Ventimiglia revealed he'd be back as bad boy Jess, with Jared Paladecki (Dean) following suit this morning. 

No news yet on how much airtime each boyfriend will receive, but we have our money on a Rory-Jess reunion.


In fact, the majority of your old favourites will be back for the revival
As well as Lorelai and Rory (obvz), we'll also get to see Liza Weil (Paris), Kelly Bishop (Emily), Sean Gunn (Kirk), Scott Patterson (Luke), Keiko Agena (Lane), Yanic Truesdale (Michel) and David Sutcliffe (Christopher) making a return. Sadly Rory's grandfather, played by Edward Herrmann, won't be back, as he passed away just last year aged 71.


There's one big name who isn't on board, though
The world's chirpiest chef – and Lorelai's BFF – Sookie doesn't seem to be making a return for the revival, despite producer Amy Sherman-Palladino saying she'd love to have her back.

Actress Melissa McCarthy has since gone on to have huge success with roles in Bridesmaids, Mike & Molly, St Vincent and Spy, and claimed in a tweet last month that she was never asked to return.

However Palladino is quoted as saying she'd happily write in a part. "Look, if Melissa is available and has an afternoon free, I'll write her a scene. Melissa was one of us. If she has a spare moment to run over [to the set] — even if for just a cameo — we would be totally game," she said.

Do we sense some bad blood? 


We won't be getting a full season of episodes
It's been strongly rumoured that the revival will take the form of four 90-minute episodes, each representing three months of the same year at Star's Hollow. But we're holding out hope for more than that,


Filming has already begun
Eeek! As early as last month, cast members were tweeting about being back on set – we're already giddy with excitement.

As yet there's no airdate, but with filming underway we can surely expect to be watching the new episodes by this autumn.


We might finally get to find out those elusive four words
Palladino was not called back to write the original final season of Gilmore Girls back in 2007, and says it didn't quite end how she would have liked, with the "four words" she had always planned to end the show with.

"I hoped maybe there would have been a call – ‘Hey, it’s the last episode. Do you want to come back?’ – and there wasn’t. That’s the way it works in Hollywood; there are rules," she said in an interview last year.

Here's hoping we finally get to find out what's what.


Is it just us or is this reunion turning out to be the best thing ever?!

Gilmore Girls fans, check another character off your list as a fan-favorite has officially confirmed they are returning to the show.

Liza Weil will be BACK as Paris Geller in Netflix's four-episode revival, the actress revealed to E! News this weekend, telling the website, "It's happening!"

And it may be happening sooner than we thought as filming is already in full swing.

"I start on Tuesday, which I really feel like bodes well that I get to start on a Tuesday being that we used to be on a Tuesday," the excited star said. "Tuesday is my first day and I'm nervous!"

This comes with news this week that one of Rory's former love interests will grace our screens again.


We just can't wait for all the drama that is going to grace our screens in the reboot of Gilmore Girls.

Matt Czuchry, or Rory's rich boyfriend Logan Huntzberger as we know him, will join the rest of the star-studded cast for the Netflix revivial, TVLine reports.

Details on the new series are being kept on the DL, but show creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino previously said that she wants to get "as many of Rory's lovely men back as possible."

We're thinking Dean, Marty or Jess might make a comeback (hopefully).

We're kinda setting our sights high on this reunion, ladies. Is it still too late for Sookie to come back? 


Last week, it was confirmed that a reboot of Gilmore Girls will be coming to Netflix really soon. And it's safe to say that just about every fangirl completely freaked out.

And, when we learned that our fave characters were confirmed for the reunion, Lauren Graham (Lorelai), Alexis Bledel (Rory), Scott Patterson (Luke), Kelly Bishop (Emily), Sean Gunn (Kirk), and Keiko Agena (Lane), we freaked out even more.

But, one fan noticed that someone was missing from the reunion line-up and took to Twitter to ask Melissa McCarthy if she will be gracing the reboot with her presence as the loveable chef, Sookie.

Awkwardly enough, Melissa wrote back to the fan on Twitter and said that she wasn't invited back. Ouch.

"Thanks for the invite, but sadly no one asked me or Sookie to come back to Stars Hollow.,” she wrote. “Wish them all the best!!”

At least she doesn't sound bitter about it, but we would have loved to see her come back.