‘Ooops!’: Alexis Bledel reveals a MAJOR Girlmore Girls spoiler

The time is nearly here for the Girlmore Girls revival to hit our Netflix screens, but it looks like Alexis Bledel just spilled a major spoiler.

The 35-year-old was speaking to Us Weekly and accidentally revealed which one of Rory's boys she won't be getting back together with.

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Spilling the beans that Rory and Dean only have one scene together, she said: "It was great working with him again.

"He's always so affable and friendly, and he's got this great energy. Our scene was so fun to film. It was great to work with him again."

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Only copping on to what she said, Alexis exclaimed: "I guess I just said that! So oops!"

With only 14 days left, we're so excited to see what happens.