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Whether your Easter traditions involve a raucous family egg hunt or enjoying the cut-price Easter eggs in the days following the chocolatey celebrations, one thing is for sure: Easter is one indulgent holiday.

Many families go all out and do a big roast dinner to mark the occasion, or simply fill up on delicious chocolate. 

To honour the Easter weekend, one popular Mexican mecca on Irish soil is melding the sweet and the savoury into a very intriguing Frankenfood. 

The avocado pizza, the cronut, the carrot latte and the unicorn anything dominated the 2017 frankenfood trend charts. 

In 2018, we saw the eggs benedict doughnut, the crossushi and salted watermelon. 

2019 kicked off with the sushi sandwich, and now another iconic food pairing has been blended. 

Boojum has a massive Irish fan base, with their burritos making the 4th most ordered dish globally on Deliveroo in 2018, and the food favourite has risen again to create a bespoke miracle for Easter.

Teaming up with an Easter classic, the Cadbury's Cream Egg, Boojum's speciality team at Quesadillas by Boojum have collaborated to concoct the Cadbury's Cream Egg Quesadilla.

The traditional Mexican flat bread has been reimagined to host the sweet treat, as well as a generous helping of the sumptuous Cream Egg goo poured over top. Is that the unmistakable sound of growling stomachs we hear? 

Joe Groves at Deliveroo says: It is a privilege to partner with the amazing team at Quesadillas by Boojum to bring this bizarre creation directly to our customers’ doorsteps or desks.'

'Two things we absolutely love in Ireland are Boojum and chocolate, and since our creativity knows no bounds, we thought, ‘why not bring these two together?' they finished. 

If this sounds like something that would be right up your alley, here's how to get your hands on one: 

The Creme Egg Quesadillas will be available exclusively from the Deliveroo app or website during Easter.

They launch on Wednesday, April 17th and are available to order up until Easter weekend – with Quesadillas by Boojum of Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Belfast and Derry all participating.

If you're not feeling like cooking over Easter, this could be the perfect treat to satiate the salivating family you might have around, or if you will be spending the holiday solo, it could be ideal for a quiet night in foodie experience. 

The dish is priced at €9.50 (ROI) and £7.50 (NI) respectively – happy hunting.


It seems that every day of the week, a new Instagram food trend is grabbing the attention of the marginally peckish. 

Brunch is a staple, seen on the feeds of every influencer and regular gal alike on a Sunday afternoon, but how about nabbing your favourite brunch recipe in doughnut form?

That's exactly what the people at Santa Monica-based Sidecar Doughnuts have done with their Eggs Benedict Doughnut flavour. 

Described as 'perfectly sweet and savoury,'  the eggs benedict doughnut is a staple on the menu at Sidecar Doughnuts. 

'Inside this fluffy, Malasada-style doughnut… An oozy, delicious poached egg, house made basil hollandaise sauce, and Benton's Ham,' reads the flavoursome description.

'We toyed with the idea of cutting the doughnut and putting things in it,' Sidecar Doughnuts owner Sumter Pendergrast told Extra Crispy.

'And then we came up with the idea of poaching an egg, and actually wrapping the egg and ham inside the dough.'

Combining savoury staples with sweet delicacies isn't a new frontier in the frankenfood realm, after all, 2018 kicked off with the introduction of the crossushi.

However, we're simultaneously intrigued and offended by the brunch favourites' transformation into a pastry palette pleaser. 

That being said, we'd still give one a go if we found ourselves in CA. 


Hungover brunch is one of life's finest, albeit millennial, pastimes.

But sometimes poached eggs just doesn't cut it, and while you'd love a delicious plate of mashed avo, you're secretly gasping for a slightly less-refined greasy pizza.

Luckily, the hipster food Gods have bestowed a completely delightful frankenfood upon us – the avocado pizza. 


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Realistically there was nothing stopping us topping our pizzas with a bit of avo in the past, but this gourmet version is giving us life. 

The delightful looking flat bread is vegan (of course) so even those on the strictest of lifestyles can enjoy the treat. 

Unfortunately, the amazing avo pizza is currently only available in Kola House, and artisanal eatery based in  NYC.


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However, there's nothing that can stop us from rolling out a home made pizza base, slicing an avocado, and garnishing with olive oil and seeds to create our own slice of the action. 

Imagine the possibilities – we're already dreaming of topping ours with a crumble of goats cheese to add a bit more of a pizza vibe to the hybrid meal. 

Homemade brunch anyone?