The crossushi is 2018’s first frankenfood – we’re not convinced

The avocado pizza, the cronut, the carrot latte and the unicorn anything dominated the 2017 frankenfood trend charts. 

Now, 2018 is kicking off with a very interesting, albeit  questionable, food combo. 

The cronut saw the first stirrings of cross-breeding croissants with other pastries, but this item sees the French flaky patisserie melded with a whole new food group. 


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 The crossushi has just cropped up on Instagram, and we're slightly concerned. 

The recipe involves wrapping a California sushi roll (without the rice) in a fresh baked pastry. 

Served cold and paired with a hot coffee, the pastry is stuffed with smoked salmon, seaweed, wasabi, and ginger. 


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The brainchild of doughnut company Mr Homes Bakehouse in  Los Angeles,  we're thinking that it's about to break the internet. 

The bakehouse is clearly a foodie innovator, with other delectable and unique recipes. 

Our favourite has to be the Matcha Croissant – get in our bellies. 

We're not sure about the combo of pastry and fish, but hey, we cant knock it until we try it. 

Unfortunately, Mr Holmes is currently exclusively based in the USA. 

We'll be waiting for a Dublin hot spot to create a version of the trend before we can try it ourselves. 

Feature image: Instagram / ride or dine