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Some of your favourite stars are doing the most hilarious challenge

The My Elf challenge is baffling, festive – and utterly hilarious. This trend started as a joke and a way to get into the Christmas spirit a couple of weeks ago when people took inspiration from the Elf on the Shelf's catchy rhyming title and decided to do their own versions. The trend started with American actress, television personality and author Garcelle Beauvis posting a photo of herself on Pharell’s shoulder. The image is captioned ‘You’ve heard of Elf on a Shelf, now get ready for this…’

The trend quickly spread, with many of our favourite celebrities hopping on the hilariously Christmassy bandwagon. Some of our favourites are featured below.


A post shared by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo)

She captioned the brilliant post 'I couldn’t decide on just one!! Comment below with your fave!! #LennyOnJenny #CeeloOnJLo #MiloOnJLo #KyloOnJLo @lennykravitz @ceelogreen 

@miloanthonyventimiglia @starwars #KyloRen #MyElf #ElfOnAShelf'

JLo's take was probably one of the more creative ones, as she came up with several versions of the rhyming trends, each one better than the last. Kylo on the JLo has to be the best though!

Next was Elizabeth Banks, comedy star of 'The Hunger Games' and 'Pitch Perfect', with the 'perfect' pun for her 'My Elf' Challenge.

She captioned the post 'I know you’ve all heard of Elf on a Shelf, but have you heard of…', which prompted Reese Witherspoon to try it out for herself too!

'Oh hey @elizabethbanks!' The actress posted. 'I see your Hanks-on-Banks and I raise you a Grease-on-Reese. #myelf'

This one is definitely our favourite!

Kerry Washington also got inspired, putting a flamboyant Katy Perry on her shoulder for the challenge.

Mark Ruffalo, Mariah Carey and plenty more joined in, letting us lol our way through the holidays with them this Christmas season!


A post shared by Mark Ruffalo (@markruffalo)

Mark's caption had us lolling as it instigated a flood of new My Elf Challenges. 

'@elizabethbanks, I raise your Hanks on Banks with a Stark on Mark!'

But I think we can all agree the Queen of Christmas stole the crown for this challenge!


A post shared by Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey)

'Throwing some tinsel on this challenge and presenting you #CarreyOnCarey'




The iconic Amy Huberman has done it again, sharing another of her hilarious moments.

The mum has been waiting to break out the old elves on the shelves from their dusty Christmas box.

And now that today marks the beginning of December, she can officially start decorating for the holidays.

She caught two elves on camera knocking at her front door.


A post shared by Amy Huberman (@amy_huberman) on

With their faces pressed up against the glass, it seems they cannot wait for their favourite time of year to start.

Amy captioned the photo: “Oh jaysus, the guests are back and I haven’t even hoovered or got the hobnobs in.”

Her post already has over 7,400 likes as fans celebrate the season’s start alongside her.

One comment said, “Looks like those elves are invading houses everywhere.”


A post shared by Amy Huberman (@amy_huberman) on

“Christ! Not time for that little fecker again,” said another.

This will most likely be the elves last visit to the house though. 

Her and husband Brian O’Driscoll recently put their home on the market.


A post shared by Brian O'Driscoll (@brianodriscoll) on

The pair bought their Goatstown home back in 2005 and are selling it for 1.4 million euro.

They’ve decided to upgrade to a more spacious home in Rathmines for their growing family.

They share two kids together – Sadie and Billy, who are probably thrilled to see the mischievous elves up to their annual antics.