Aside from a brief affair with the teapot, the duckface has been the go-to selfie position since Bebo was a thing, but it seems the pouty pose may have to make room for a new kid on the block.

Welcome “fingermouthing” – the strategic positioning of the fingers in front of the mouth to give the classic snapping look a slightly more natural-looking element.

The benefits of fingermouthing include showing off your latest batch of gel nails, being able to cover up any unsightly blemishes and making you look like you could be thinking about something other than, well, fingermouthing.

This selfie position is super versatile and can be altered to suit any individual needs you might have by tilting the head, slightly opening the mouth and splaying the fingers more than might actually be necessary.

The stance is most commonly used by bloggers and celebrities and with basically every Kardashian-Jenner being a fan, we’re sure this trend is not going away anytime soon.