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OK, so this is totally a breakthrough for when you have nothing to do and a bottle of wine is still lying in the fridge from last week.

The next time you and your housemate are bored silly from sitting around the house all day, why not start a drinking game and get a few of your gal pals over. 

From Gossip Girl, to Scrubs, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Game of Thrones, there's a drinking game for that on Drink Wiki. There's even one for Say Yes To The Dress. Score!

And if you happen to come up with a drinking game for a show that isn't on the list, then fear not, because you're allowed to add your own in. 

So, get ready to take a sip of wine whenever Serena and Blair fight, a gulp of your Manhattan whenever Carrie changes her outfit and a tipple of champagne whenever someone says yes to their wedding dress.

Saturday nights at home just got WAY more fun. Crack open the wine, girls.



1. ‘God, it’s already kind of late, I hope we have enough time to get drunk.’

2. ‘UGH I wanna dance! When are we leaving?’

3. ‘I’m having SUCH a good time, let’s never leave!’

4. ‘OH. MY. GOD. THIS IS MY SONG!! They better play this later!’

5. ‘Should we just get a taxi so we have more drinking time?’

6. ‘I’m feeling GOOD! Why is no one else drinking as much as me though?’

7. ‘SHE is drinking way more than anyone else.’

8. ‘Where the hell are the cards so we can play Kings?!’

9. ‘Ugh. These newbs don’t know how to play Kings. How annoying.’

10. ‘Oh my god did you see how fast ___ chugged their drink!? I definitely wanna be on their team for Flip Cup.’

11. ‘What is she wearing? Doesn’t she know what kind of a club we’re going to?’

12. ‘I am gonna kick ASS at Beer Pong.’

13. ‘God I wish there were snacks/more snacks.’

14. ‘FUCK. We’re leaving in 20 minutes and I’m not drunk enough.’

15. ‘FUCK. We’re leaving in 15 minutes and I am wayyyy too drunk.’

16. ‘___ is looking HOT tonight. I should go talk to him!’

17. ‘Why am I so wasted? It’s barely 11p.m.’

18. ‘I looked SO much better when I left the house but I’m still working it.’

19. ‘Where is the taxi? It feels like we’ve been here for FOREVER.’

20. ‘Where the hell did I put my naggin?!’

21. ‘Where the hell am I gonna put my naggin when we reach the club?!’

22. ‘YES! The taxi’s here! That was so much fun, I wish we didn’t have to leave.’