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Since having a fleeting romance with Justin Bieber this year, Sofia Richie has sky-rocketed to the mainstream.

She's now seen out partying with the likes of Rita Ora, Paris Hilton and Kylie Jenner – all major fashionistas in their own right. I've been keeping an eye on Sofia's style for months now because frankly, I think it's weird and wacky (in a good way).

Sofia is not your average girl-next-door celeb and often dons pretty 'out-there' outfits – something I thought I could never pull off myself. But I wanted to, so I tried.

After creeping on her Instagram page I took on my next quest of Dressing Like A Celeb. Not wanting to spend very much cash, I had a ponder on PrettyLittleThing for inspiration and was pretty happy to discover the likes of Sofia-worthy trousers for only €9.80, as well as a gorgeous LBD for €21. Steal!

OK, so for my first outfit I went for a dress, over a jumper and some black leather thigh-high boots.

Honestly, I thought this looked bizarre on her Insta, but was very surprised when I put the clothes on myself. It actually looked pretty good?

I thought matching a skin-tight LBD with an army-print jumper underneath would look awkward AF and totally out of place.

But do you know what? I might consider wearing something like this for the Christmas party season. With the black dress only costing €21 and the khaki top at €8.40 (OK so the boots are my own), you couldn't get any better than that for an outfit around this time of year. I felt slick and I was comfy and warm so I'm going to put this outfit as a win.

Me – 1, Sofia – 0


For my next outfit, I decided to try something a bit more casual, but still 'out-there' nonetheless. This consisted off crazy-coloured tracksuit bottoms and a crop top.

Now, I'll be the first to tell you that my wardrobe is practically full of black, so wearing brightly-coloured trackies is something I'd never ever do. Not even in bed when I'm mighty hungover. It's just a no-no for me. And I think this outfit was a definite no-no for me, too.

Even though it was casual, I felt gawky. I felt too BRIGHT, like there was flashing Christmas lights wrapped around my legs. 

However, if you're into these PrettyLittleThing trackies, they do come in at just under a tenner. Many people would wear this outfit and be able to pull it off, but I felt awkward (as you can probably notice in the picture). Sofia wins this one. 

Me – 1, Sofia – 1


For the last outfit, I'll admit I picked something I knew I'd never wear right off the bat. While I loved the pieces on Sofia separately (that coat is #goals), I'd never wear them together. Eh, where's her trousers at?!

But yet again, I was surprised. It looked super cool, and it was cosy (even though I only had two items of clothing on).

Now before I get carried away, I'd definitely need something underneath this if I was to wear it out, but I think it worked well.

It was the most expensive outfit, with both the thigh-high boots and aviator jacket costing €70 a piece, but I'd happily pay that because the quality was fab.

Actually… I was delighted with the outfit! I'll give this half a point, because honestly, I picked it for the lolz, but then was quite pleased with the outcome.

Total: Me – 1.5, Sofia, 1


I didn't think any of these outfits would suit me and believed that only the rich and famous could pull something like this off.

So, I guess it just goes to show that it's OK to step outside of your comfort zone every once in a while. You might be surprised – I definitely was.



I’ll admit, I’m basically always on the prowl for outfit inspo.

Whether it’s in the office, out on the streets of Dublin or online, if I see pieces I like, I’ll immediately start thinking how I can make it work for me.

And while my main source of inspiration is definitely people I see walking by in town, another major source is famous folk.

Let’s be real, I can’t dress like a star everyday. Hell, I don’t feel like getting dressed at all some days.

But when it comes down to it, how easy is it to dress like a celeb? Can I pull off the same looks that they do? Will it cost much and will I be comfortable?

These are all questions I’m asking myself as I take on the task of Dressing Like A Celeb.

So, to get to it, this week I decided to dress like Cara Delevingne and this is how I got on.

Now, I’m not saying I have her body (obvs) and it feels like I’m a full person shorter than her, but I went for some outfits that, I think, looked totally UNREAL on her.

First of all, I decided to go for Cara’s looks in her new Puma campaign. Of course, she looks like an absolute beaut with rock hard abs…but would I look just as good? I tried it out.

OK, so no. Cara’s new take on sporty leggings/underwear just looks like I forgot to pull my trousers up (I also didn't have the balls to wear a crop top). While I love the River Island hoodie, and the Life Style Sports leggings are super comfy, trying to look like Cara did not work out well with this one.

And who am I kidding anyway, I go to the gym about… Never… I never go to the gym.

Cara – 1 / Me – 0


So, since the sporty look didn’t work out too well, for the next look I opted for something a bit more classy and covered-up.

It took a few tries but eventually I got the scarf where I needed it. I also put my hair up in two buns like Cara did.

Cara wore the black cut-out jumpsuit with a green tie around her waist. I wore a black top and trousers, both from River Island, and tried to wrap a green scarf around my waist.

I usually wouldn’t go for anything like this if I was going out myself, but I ended up LOVING this look.

At first, I feared I would look like a little green alien child but it actually turned out OK.

I’m super happy with this look and it's an outfit that would be really comfy on a night out too! Win, win.

Cara – 1 / Me – 1


Now, when I saw Cara wear the next outfit, for some reason I was totally drawn into it. It literally looked like she grabbed a Sharpie marker and drew a black line down her neck.

Something a three-year-old would do, yes, but when Cara did it, it was fierce.

I have no doubt that Cara had a team of make-up artists behind her on this one, so when I got my black marker out, I was shaking like a leaf.

What if it smudges? What if I make it look crooked? What if I get it on my boobs?!

I took a deep breath, and began. And it was graaand.

Cara wore a v-neck black dress, and I tried to match it with this River Island velvet number. I loved the dress, and thought it was very ‘Cara’ but I’ll pass on the big black line (and no bra). I think it makes me look like I have a bobble head – and that’s not attractive.

I’m not going to say this look totally worked, because it didn’t, but the dress was a good fit for me, and I’ll definitely be wearing it during party season.

Total: Cara – 1 ½ / Me – 1 ½


In the end, I realised that no, I can’t 100 percent dress like a celeb and get away with it. But, I have learned that if you just give an outfit your own little twist, you’re good to go.

This isn’t over yet, though. I’ll be on the prowl for more celebrity looks to steal. Watch this space.