Great British Bake Off sparks great new doughnut trend

Supermarkets reported a sales spike of up to 50% after the Great British Bake Off featured fancy doughnuts in the final round last Wednesday.

According to Asda they sold 10,000 doughnuts the day after the show alone, selling half a million in the last week.

Hopefully this new trend will encourage supermarkets to sell the doughnut flavours featured on the show, such as the unbelievable cocktail doughnuts made by Louis. His mojito and Baileys opened up a whole world of possibilities. Long Island Iced Doughnut anyone?

If the sugary snacks really make a comeback, this could be the start of a whole new fashion. Gelaterie and frozen yoghurt shops seem to be everywhere now but if we're lucky, speciality doughnuts could be the pop-up shops of 2015.