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Cork blogger Lisa Jordan welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world on Monday. The doting mum confirmed her darling daughter’s arrival by sharing a photo of her cuddling the tiny tot in hospital.

The loving mum revealed her little girl’s name last night and we are crazy about it.

Taking to Instagram, Lisa posted a touching snap of her and her newborn. In her hair, Lisa wore a clip with her baby’s moniker on it.


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She decided to call her baby girl Bowie.

Fans couldn’t help but gush about her name in the comments.

“So dotey. Lovely name. Hope you are doing good,” one said.


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Another mum shared: “Beautiful photo! Bowie was one of my names for my son… But I wasn't allowed to pick it.”

“A beautiful name for a princess. You both are wonderful parents. I’d say little Pearl is over the moon,” another shared.

The name Bowie is of Scottish origin and means "blond".


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Fans of Heroes and Modern Love singer David Bowie have often opted for the name in recent years.

What do you think of the name Bowie? We think it is the perfect fit for Lisa’s little girl.

Huge congratulations to Lisa on the birth of Bowie. We’re sure little Bowie will fit right into their loving family.



We're guessing Paul from British Gas is suffering from serious social media regret this afternoon after a tweet he posted was met with considerable criticism from members of the public earlier today.

Using the company's Twitter page, Paul decided to pay tribute to David Bowie on his one-year anniversary, before swiftly moving on to the service provided by British Gas.

"Morning all," he began in the ill-conceived post. "A year today we lost a pop icon David Bowie, time flys don't it? We're here till 10pm if you need anything. Thanks, Paul." (sic)

Unsurprisingly, people wasted no time lashing out at the typo-laden post, with one person writing: "'time flys don't it" That's really bad taste. I'm shocked a business account has written that."

"Time does fly. It's now been a month since a complaint was raised. You could be heroes, just for today and resolve it," quipped another disgruntled Twitter user.

As more and more scathing responses flooded in, poor ol' Paul realised it might be time to acknowledge the widespread irritation.

Taking to the site again, he wrote: "Hey, David Bowie meant so much to me. I didn't mean to offend anyone and I only wanted to pay tribute to a master songwriter and true icon."

Thankfully, the public were willing to let him off this time, with one replying: "Personal twitter accounts are good for that! I know you meant no harm but coming from businesses it smells of PR."

"Paul is great. More Paul, please. And give him a pay rise, ey?" added someone else.

Might be time to task someone else with the Twitter shift…



Congratulations are in order this weekend, with Duncan Jones announcing that he has become a father for the first time.

Duncan, the son of the late and great David Bowie, took to Twitter to reveal that he and wife Rodene Ronquillo welcomed a son on 10th July – exactly six months to the day that his beloved father passed away.

“Stenton David Jones. Born July 10th, exactly six months after his grandad made room for him. Love you both so,” he wrote, sharing a funny drawing of two parents and a baby.

The new father also gushed over his wife, adding: “All my love and awe to the incredible Rodene, who made a human being in her belly. Warrior woman and every day, my hero.”

Congratulations to Duncan, Rodene and their loved ones.



The whole world was shocked when David Bowie died. He was one of the greats, so we can only imagine how hard it was for his family.

But, David did something for his son which we think he'll remember forever. 

Duncan has opened up about one of the most special memories with his beloved father.

One month after Bowie’s passing, Duncan announced that he and his wife, Roden Ronquillo, are expecting a baby – and this week, the dad-to-be revealed that it was David who revealed the gender of their baby.

Talking to E! News, Duncan recalled the memory at Christmas: “When we found out what the gender of our baby was going to be, we were able to get the doctor to write it on a card without us seeing it. Then I got to spend Christmas with my dad, and he actually told us what the gender was going to be.”

Back in February, when he announced the news to the world, Duncan shared a photo of a card he made to break the good news to his father in the first place.

“One month since dad died today. Made this card for him at Christmas. Due in June. Circle of life. Love you, granddad,” he tweeted.

What an beautiful memory to treasure.



The world's stars and artists lined up in New York to pay a second tribute to David Bowie last night.

Mumford & Sons were one fo the first  musicians paying tribute at Radio City Music Hall, which was also live-streamed so viewers could watch the concert in exchange for a charity donation.

Blondie's Debbie Harry, former REM frontman Michael Stipe, Pixies and The Flaming Lipswere also in attendance after performing the night before in Carnegie Hall.

David died in January, at the age of 69 after an 18-month battle with cancer.


The BRITS were a big hit last night with Adele, Justin Bieber, One Direcrion and Coldplay all picking up an award.

And while Rihanna got down and dirty with Drake, it was Lorde's performance that stunned the audience.

The singer pair tribute to the late David Bowie, singing a fab rendition of Life On Mars.

As David said before, listening to Lorde sing was like listening to tomorrow, and by God, the girl did not disappoint.

Lorde sings Life On Mars in Bowie tribute at Brits

Lorde performs Life On Mars? in fitting tribute to David Bowie at the BRIT Awards after he called her the "future of music".Was it better than Lady Gaga's Bowie tribute at The GRAMMYs? Tell us what you think below:

Posted by ITV News on Wednesday, 24 February 2016


It's safe to say that the whole world loved it, with people taking to Twiiter to share ALL the love: 




Lady Gaga is getting set to perform an eight-minute tribute to the late David Bowie at the Grammy Awards tomorrow night.

But the singer found a more permanent way to memorialise David, who died last month after a battle with cancer.

Gaga shared a series of Snapchat videos on Saturday which showed her getting a tattoo of the star on her left side. Ouch.

The 29-year-olds new tattoo is a copy of the Aladdin Sane album cover, where David is wearing the iconic lightening bolt across his face.

She captioned one of the snaps "this was the image that changed my life."

We can't wait to see Gaga perform tomorrow, and one thing's for sure, it's going to be an immense tribute.



David Bowie's eldest child, film director Duncan Jones, has announced that he is expecting his first child with wife Rodene Ronquillo. 

Just one month after his father's death, the 44-year-old announced the happy news in a heart-warming tweet. 

The tweet revealed a card Duncan had made for his father at Christmas asserting that the late rockstar knew he was to become a granddad before he passed away on January 10. 

The legendary rock star died from a lengthy battle with cancer at the age of 68. 

Duncan, who is a Bafta-award winning film director, is the only child from David Bowie's first marriage to Angie Bowie though he is long-estranged from his mother. 

He has a younger half-sister from David's marriage to Iman.



If you were an eighties or even nineties kid, you were probably at some point mesmerised and/ or terrified by Jim Henson's classic film, Labyrinth. 

You will probably remember David Bowie's mad hair and ridiculously tight pants, babies falling off staircases, creatures called Hoggle and of course, that totally gross bog of eternal stench. 

If any of these are bringing you straight back to your childhood then you may be excited to hear that Labyrinth is officially getting a sequel!

Yep, not two weeks after the passing of David Bowie, who penned all the classic tunes from the first film, studio bosses have announced that the infamous flick is to get a reboot. 

According to Entertainment Weekly, the Jim Henson Company and Tri-Star will be behind the project as well as Guardians of the Galaxy writer Nicole Perlman who is on board to write the script. 

While we can only hope that the film can live up to the pure crazy of it's predecessor, many fans are unsure about the project, and especially who will be able to take on David Bowie's character?



Earlier this week, Kanye West revealed his plans to release a compilation album of David Bowie covers as a tribute to the late star who passed away from cancer earlier this month. 

And while the rapper has already busy in the studio working on his own versions of classic Bowie songs such as Rebel, Rebel and Heroes, it seems that a few people are not happy. 

Make that thousands of people. 

An online petition that began online only yesterday has already raked up over 7.000 signatures at the time of writing. 

According to the Daily Star, the 38-year-old musician wants to record "straightforward covers" of the late Bowie's music.

"[The album would include] straightforward cover versions with Kanye actually singing. On others he is rapping with his own lyrics over Bowie's music," said a source. 

The campaign to stop the album going forward was created by Peter Piranha and is gaining significant traction online. 

"David Bowie was one of the single most important musicians of the 20th and 21st century," reads the tagline of the petition. 

"It would be a sacrilege to let it be ruined by Kanye West." 

From the sounds of things, Kanye is already in the studio working on the project and we can't imagine him changing his mind. 

Kanye is also set to release his latest album, Swish, in the next few months. 



As the world continues to grieve over the loss of David Bowie, one talented Irish musician paid an emotional musical tribute to the star at his New York apartment. 

Glen Hansard was filmed alongside a mountain of flowers left at the site by a well known photographer who had arrived at the scene. 

The video was unplanned as rock photographer Kevin Mazur happened upon Glen at the lodgings where he had come to take photographs. 

The Dublin musician played a haunting rendition of Bowie's seminal hit Ashes to Ashes alongside other people who had come to grieve at the location. 

David Bowie died on Monday at the age of 69 following an 18-month battle with cancer. 

Watch the touching video below: 




The death of legendary rocker David Bowie to liver cancer on Sunday came as a shock to fans all over the world.

And despite the tributes still pouring in from all over the globe, David's final goodbye was reportedly as low-key as possible, with US news outlets today saying his a private cremation took place soon after his death.

It's thought no family or friends were present at the New York cremation ceremony, at David's request.

"In many respects you don’t need a memorial or service to remember David by… you have his music instead," one source told The Daily Mirror.

"He would have wanted to just disappear with no fuss, no big show, no fan-fare. This would totally be his style.

"His last album Blackstar was very much his goodbye to fans instead."

Blackstar was released on David's 69th birthday on January 8, just two days before his death. Many fans have pointed to the album's lead single Lazarus as Bowie's "swan song," as the video opens with the singer in a hospital bed and the line "Look up here, I'm in heaven."

Among the mourners gathering to pay tribute to David outside his New York apartment on Monday evening was The Frames frontman Glen Hansard, who sang this beautiful version of Ashes to Ashes in the singer's memory: