If you were an eighties or even nineties kid, you were probably at some point mesmerised and/ or terrified by Jim Henson's classic film, Labyrinth. 

You will probably remember David Bowie's mad hair and ridiculously tight pants, babies falling off staircases, creatures called Hoggle and of course, that totally gross bog of eternal stench. 

If any of these are bringing you straight back to your childhood then you may be excited to hear that Labyrinth is officially getting a sequel!

Yep, not two weeks after the passing of David Bowie, who penned all the classic tunes from the first film, studio bosses have announced that the infamous flick is to get a reboot. 

According to Entertainment Weekly, the Jim Henson Company and Tri-Star will be behind the project as well as Guardians of the Galaxy writer Nicole Perlman who is on board to write the script. 

While we can only hope that the film can live up to the pure crazy of it's predecessor, many fans are unsure about the project, and especially who will be able to take on David Bowie's character?