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Rap R&B sensation the Weeknd is apparently being sued for trademark infringement over his alter ego 'Starboy' by a comic book writer who claims to have created the character back in 2014.

TMZ and The Blast are reporting that writer Eymun Talasazan came up with the concept for a series of comic books focusing on superhero rap and R&B artists, and that he was in touch with representatives of the Weeknd regarding a possible collaboration.

This alleged collaboration never actually took place, after nothing came of the 2017 talks, but the Starboy character was then used for the Weeknd's infamous album last year.

The singer, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, has yet to comment on the issue.

The Marvel graphic novel The Weeknd Presents: Starboy is "near identical" to Eymun Talasazan's idea which he supposedly pitched to the Weeknd's representatives, according to reports.

Talasazan claims to have been creating a whole world surrounding the Starboy comic persona in 2015, dedicated to R&B superheroes.

TMZ recently wrote that Daft Punk and the Weeknd have already faced a €5 million lawsuit over reports of plagiarism on the track 'Starboy' by a songwriter named Yasminah.

She claims her song 'Hooyo', released back in 2009, shares some of the same elements as Daft Punk's offering.

It seems the song, which peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100, is causing plenty of scandal as well as success.

28-year-old Tesfaye, who is currently dating supermodel Bella Hadid, has just moved in with his Victoria's Secret sweetheart.


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The duo seem loved up, despite splitting up back in 2015, and we can't see this controversy getting in the way of their romance.

What do you think, is Starboy an original the Weeknd character? The drama continues…

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In the aftermath of the 2014 Grammys – Taylor Swift was certainly courting plenty of attention, though not necessarily for the right reasons.

Although she was a performer on the night – as well as a high-profile nominee – the 25-year-old ultimately didn’t walk away with a coveted gong.

Worse still, video footage caught her bitter disappointment as it was announced that Daft Punk had beaten her, scooping the Grammy for Best Album.

"When they announced the Album Of The Year winner it was like, 'And the album of the year goes to… Reeeeeandom Access Memories, Daft Punk!'” Ms Swift has now explained.

“And they really dragged out the reeee…”

As her own nominated was entitled Red, there was understandably some momentary confusion. “For a second there, I kind of thought we had it, and we didn't.”

The disappointment meant the singer-songwriter wasn’t in the mood for partying. “I remember not going to afterparties,” Swifty added.

“I went home and I cried a little bit, and I got In-N-Out Burger and ate a lot.”

The songstress furthermore explained that prior to the ceremony, a load of fellow attendees had told her that she was definitely “gonna win”.

"I wish they wouldn't do that because you don't know if you're gonna win – someone else could very well win."

To add insult to injury, the Trouble singer in the aftermath sparked countless memes which captured her distress.

However, Tay-Tay went on to state that not winning a big award can actually prompt better music: "You can say, 'Maybe they're right – maybe I did not make the record of my career.'

“Maybe I need to fix the problem, which was that I have not been making sonically cohesive albums.

“I need to really think about whether I'm listening to a scared record label and what that's doing to the art I'm making."



Pomplamoose have crossed Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams’ Get Lucky with Pharrell’s Happy and the results are amazing!

Prepare to hit repeat!