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This video has had us in stitches this morning.

The gas clip shows two drunk men attempted to wheel a broken couch up a hill in their hometown of Drumquin in Derry. 

Let's just say the transportation of the furniture did not go to plan and the expedition descended into total chaos. 

After seeing the bizarre sight underway, a man pulled over in his car to record proceedings. And thank goodness he did because the video has already racked up half a million views. 

From drunken angry shouting to a rather unfortunate tumble, you actually could not write this stuff. 

Watch the hilarious video below. 



Well, this is as good an excuse for a trip to Ikea as we’ve ever heard.

A recent study has suggested that rocky furniture may be the reason for your rocky relationship.

According to the study, which was published in the journal Psychological Science, unstable furniture may affect your perception of your relationship.

The study asked 54 college students that were all in serious relationships to use chairs and tables that were either wobbly or secure. The participants were then asked questions about the level of satisfaction that they felt in their relationships.

Those who were using the shaky, unstable furniture perceived their relationships to be less secure than those who were using solid equipment.

Another two experiments were conducted that showed similar results. 174 people were asked relationship questions while standing on either one or two legs. Those standing on two legs were perceived to be more comfortable in their relationships while those on one leg suggested that theirs were rockier.

And finally, just to really give you a reason to go out and buy a super comfy couch, 129 college students were asked to sit at desks that were either secure or wobbly and… You’ve guessed it! Those in the desks that didn’t move around appeared to believe they were in more stable relationships than those who weren’t.

So, if you’re trying to snuggle up on the couch for your date night but your other half is driving you absolutely nuts, take a breath and trying jamming some cardboard under the leg of the couch and you never know – all of a sudden they may stop being so annoying! 



The ProposalRTÉ 2, Wednesday at 9.30pm 
Even if you don’t watch The Rose Of Tralee (and seeing as it’s consistently one of the top rated telly shows clearly SOME of you are!), you can’t have missed the classic moment from last year when one Rose was proposed to live on stage. She must have said “no, no, no” a hundred times (and sure looked like she meant it) but as this doc shows the couple did actually end up marrying. God loves a trier.

Mrs DoubtfireSky 1, Wednesday at 7.30pm
While his performances in Dead Poets Society and Good Will Hunting can be considered Robin William’s finest, there are many of us who remember him most fondly for tonight’s midweek movie. Playing a divorced dad who dresses as an elderly Scottish nanny in order to keep seeing his kids might sound odd on paper but worked its magic on screen with the perfect balance of both laugh out loud and heart-warming moments that the late comedian did better than anyone.

I Love You ManRTÉ 2, Friday at 9.35pm
Newly engaged Paul Rudd realises he has no mates to be Best Man at his wedding. So in an effort to find one before the big day he strikes up a bromance with the likeable but slightly mental Paul Segel. A comedy that delivers some genuinely hilarious one liners, worth a watch.

The X FactorUTV, Friday at 9pm
No that’s not a typo, you read that right, X Factor is on Friday nights now too! But just before you start freaking you’ll never get off the couch again fear not, it’s only for this week and next before we go to the Live Shows. Starting tonight, this weekend sees a triple bill of Bootcamp which includes the brutal Six Chair Challenge – and if the booing on Sunday’s sneak peak was anything to go by Cheryl could well be getting another P45 in the post…