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Going to Ikea is more than just a shopping trip – it's an experience in its own right.

From pretending to eat in the showroom kitchens, to actually eating your weight in delicious Swedish meatballs, each stage is just as important as the last.

And while there are few greater ways to spend a Sunday afternoon, news that the furniture giant may start a home delivery service has gotten us very excited.

According to Reuters, Ikea has teamed up with Amazon in a move that will see the furniture retailer start to sell its products through third party digital platforms.

While Amazon's involvement has not yet been confirmed, Reuters reckon the two companies are a natural fit for each other.

Speaking to the news agency, Ikea Group Chief Executive, Torbjorn Loof, said, "On digital platforms, we only sell our products through our own website, and there we also see that the competitive landscape is changing."

He added, "I leave unsaid on which (platforms), but we will test and pilot, to see 'what does this mean, what does digital shopping look like in future and what do digital shopping centres mean?'."

Sure, nothing could ever replace the thrill of finding that flat-pack chair buried in the back of the warehouse, but we have to admit, an online shopping option would make things a whole lot easier.  


We’re not sure how we feel about this one, and were DEFINITELY not sure that we’d want one on our bedside tables.

A company has created a ‘slap it’ light. A LED light that’s shaped like a bum, and to turn it off and on, you slap it.

As weird as it is, it’s still pretty funny, and we’re sure many people will have the unusual lamp on their Christmas lists.

Although, we’re not sure our granny would buy us one.

Setting you back a steep €200, only a limited number of the wall-mounted lamps have been produced and they go on sale very soon.


Well, this is as good an excuse for a trip to Ikea as we’ve ever heard.

A recent study has suggested that rocky furniture may be the reason for your rocky relationship.

According to the study, which was published in the journal Psychological Science, unstable furniture may affect your perception of your relationship.

The study asked 54 college students that were all in serious relationships to use chairs and tables that were either wobbly or secure. The participants were then asked questions about the level of satisfaction that they felt in their relationships.

Those who were using the shaky, unstable furniture perceived their relationships to be less secure than those who were using solid equipment.

Another two experiments were conducted that showed similar results. 174 people were asked relationship questions while standing on either one or two legs. Those standing on two legs were perceived to be more comfortable in their relationships while those on one leg suggested that theirs were rockier.

And finally, just to really give you a reason to go out and buy a super comfy couch, 129 college students were asked to sit at desks that were either secure or wobbly and… You’ve guessed it! Those in the desks that didn’t move around appeared to believe they were in more stable relationships than those who weren’t.

So, if you’re trying to snuggle up on the couch for your date night but your other half is driving you absolutely nuts, take a breath and trying jamming some cardboard under the leg of the couch and you never know – all of a sudden they may stop being so annoying!