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Academics at a conference on sustainable urban living have said today that the new plans for College Green in Dublin are "old-fashioned" and need more "nature."

Dublin City Council's plans for College Green were heavily criticised by planners and scholars at an EU-supported conference, and contributors said that redeveloping the city with hard concrete and stone surfaces was "old-fashioned thinking."

The council plans include making the area in front on Trinity College a pedestrian plaza, will will stretch down all the way to the House of Parliament.

This means that no mode of transport, including buses and taxis, will be allowed to cross the area.

According to the Irish Times, Dr Collier, who attended the conference said the "grey" space was "old-fashioned thinking which dates from the 1970s when we thought modern cities would be all concrete and steel”. 

When Dr. Collier was asked if he was calling for a “greener” design, he said, “we are demanding it."

We love the irony of all this… College green.



It was reported a couple of months ago that College Green in Dublin will become more pedestrianised, but we didn't realise there would be THIS much change.

Goodbye to the roads, bus stops and taxi ranks, the new plans boats a wide open walking space, which can be seen in full here.

The space is going to be tailored to buses, the Luas and pedestrians, which will mean new routes for anyone driving around the city.

There's a public consultation in action until May 23, and if everything is agreed upon, the changes will roll out around summer 2017. While the plans show major changes to the area, we have to admit it looks quite nice and spacious – but it'll take a while to get used to. 


While Dublin is already a stunning city, we reckon Dublin City Council's plans to pedestrianise the area around College Green would give any European destination a run for it's money. 

With the stunning architecture of Trinity College and Bank of Ireland as well as the various attractive monuments, it would sure be nice to be able to walk freely around this area. 

The plans reveal a pedestrianised square starting from Trinity College's front entrance to approximately the front door of H&M on Dame Street which will permanently restrict traffic in the area. 

However, the upcoming Luas tracks will allow buses and taxis to travel along these lines. 

The exciting plans were revealed by the DCC in co-operation with the National Transport Authority and could begin as early as next year. 

Bring it on. 


Expectation has been sky-high – and evidently scores of Irish folk have been only DYING to get their hands on a piece of Olivier Rousteing's talent.


Peek… #HMBALMAINATION @hm @hm_ireland

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Yes, with doors opening at 6pm, lucky VIP invitees have been flocking to H&M's flagship store on College Green in Dublin's city centre for the retailer's high-profile collaboration with label of the moment, Balmain.


@angelascanlon on the decks tonight! #hmbalmaination #balmain #shemazing

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Social media was this evening flooded with snaps of some of the purchases made – as well as the lengthy queues to get in.


2 of balmains biggest fans @hm #BalmainBoys

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Officially for the rest of us, the collection goes on sale at 9am tomorrow in the College Green shop and on H&M's website. Undoubtedly, demand will continue until the items sell-out. 

Elsewhere around the world, the queue to get into H&M's flagship outlet at Orchard Building in Singapore began on Monday, while on Fifth Avenue in New York, lines of shoppers are also well-established by now. 


Two very #HappyBunnies having bagged our #HMBalmaination goodies #eeekkk @abbie.devereux_stylist

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In Sydney, those first in the queue at the Pitt St Mall were being paid hundreds of dollars by eager fashionistas.

As one 19-year-old student there explained to the Daily Telegraph: “I’ve gotten $200 from someone who asked me to buy a dress for them.

“The dress costs $200 and she handed me another $200. People are really desperate for the clothes in the collection but not willing to line up overnight.”


#hmbalmaination @hm

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Oxford Street in London is also already extremely busy, as is the Avenue K store in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur.


No stock left but at least I'm in #hmbalmaination #balmain @hm_ireland @balmainparis

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Understandably, the hashtage #HMBALMAINATION has been the top trending item in Ireland this evening.