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Millions of people around the world – including some 5,000 in Dublin – took to the streets over the weekend to march in protest. 

Their grievance? The inauguration of Donald Trump as 45th president of the United States. 

Brandishing placards, banners, and signage, they made their voices heard loud and clear. 

And while there were numerous standout moments from the global movement (it took place on Saturday) one particularly adorable toddler is proving to be quite the little head-turner. 

Aged just 22 months her mother, Jenny Sowry, snapped her aloft upon her father's shoulders at the North Carolina march. 

The child, wrapped up warm against the city of Charlotte chill, can be seen in the image holding proudly above her head her very own contribution: a colourful collection of swiggles and lines set against a piece of brown cardboard. 

Jenny shared the picture on Facebook using the inspiring hashtags: #inherownwords #shespeaksforherself.

She was in attendance alongside her husband, Sam, and their two children – a nine-year-old son as well as the little girl in the photo. 

The toddler has already been turned into a meme (naturally), while numerous people have been taking to Twitter using the hashtag #wokebaby to share their joy at the sight of the small one.

“The word that keeps coming back to me is ‘hope,’” Ms Sowry told Buzzfeed.com in the aftermath. “It makes people hopeful that there is already a little one who is already speaking her mind.”


All natural; no pain-relief; looking like a superstar mere hours later – we have to say that Kate Middleton gives us all sorts of #BirthingGoals.

Although the British royal rarely talks of the birth of Prince George and Princess Charlotte (we'd murder a bit of Kim Kardashian-inspired pregnancy overshare, tbh), she has now opened up about her experiences at St Mary's Hospital.

And it seems that she was cared for "brilliantly" during her time there in July 2013 (for the birth of Georgy Porgy) and May 2015 (for little Lottie's arrival).

The Duchess, natch, gave birth on both occasions in the fancy-pants, oh-so private Lindo Wing (think art installations, chef-made food, afternoon tea and champagne). But St Mary's itself has many public amenities too – including a children's intensive care unit that is now in desperate need of an upgrade.

Step forward the wholly-worthwhile More Smiles Appeal – which aims to raise €2.85m so it can redevelop the unit that currently cares for 400 critically ill children from London and its surrounding area.

Backing the appeal is the always-lovely Kate, who said in a statement: "The thought of your child in an intensive care unit is harrowing for any parent.

"The commitment to expand and transform the children's Intensive Care Unit at St Mary's Hospital will vitally guarantee more space to treat more children and support more families. 

“As someone who was so brilliantly cared for by St Mary's, I am delighted to support [the appeal], and commend the important work of all those involved in the project." 

The scheme is all part of a larger drive to raise some €14.25m for improvements which will allow more than 200 extra children to be cared for each year.



Ex On The Beach is a rather ambitious but highly entertaining concept for a reality show. That is, if the person actually recognises their ex…!

Geordie Shore star Gary Beadle was left perplexed when a woman he doesn’t recognise comes out of the sea. He is left wondering how he doesn’t remember, as she is so ‘fit’: “Who the fu** is that? I think I banged her, but I don’t know who she is. I get this quite a lot, but normally if I bang a four out of ten I won’t remember. She’s fit though. I kind of recognise her face, who is she?”

Words of a gentleman, no?!

The woman is question is revealed to be an old flame of Gary’s named Emily Colley and we’re sure she was impressed with her ex’s charming words!

Geordie Shore’s Charlotte is also set to surprise Gary on the reality TV show – now that we cannot wait to see! 

Despite his appearance on the TV show, Gary is currently loved-up with girlfriend, Lillie Lexie. 



They are everyone’s favourite on-off couple on Geordie Shore and now it looks like they’ve gone and gotten themselves engaged – according to Charlotte that is…

Gaz shared a screenshot with his Twitter followers of a rather interesting conversation he had with Charlotte, in which she seems to agree to marry him, or at least tells him they're engaged!

“Maybe you could propose to me…And we could live happily ever after … We have a bong … Bond … Will you marry me? … Al take that as a yes … God I can’t believe we r engaged.”

Ah Charlotte, how we love you!

Although we’re not sure Gaz said yes as he captioned: “Hahahaha @Charlottegshore u never fail to surprise me….”

You never know what the future holds for these two but they’ll never be boring, that’s for sure!