Geordie Shore star suffers a VERY awkward moment with his ex


Ex On The Beach is a rather ambitious but highly entertaining concept for a reality show. That is, if the person actually recognises their ex…!

Geordie Shore star Gary Beadle was left perplexed when a woman he doesn’t recognise comes out of the sea. He is left wondering how he doesn’t remember, as she is so ‘fit’: “Who the fu** is that? I think I banged her, but I don’t know who she is. I get this quite a lot, but normally if I bang a four out of ten I won’t remember. She’s fit though. I kind of recognise her face, who is she?”

Words of a gentleman, no?!

The woman is question is revealed to be an old flame of Gary’s named Emily Colley and we’re sure she was impressed with her ex’s charming words!

Geordie Shore’s Charlotte is also set to surprise Gary on the reality TV show – now that we cannot wait to see! 

Despite his appearance on the TV show, Gary is currently loved-up with girlfriend, Lillie Lexie.