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Firefighters have been working tirelessly to put out the raging wildfires in California.

But it seems that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West paid for extra pairs of hands to save their neighbourhood.

Private firefighters – which are actually a thing – where allegedly hired by the couple to protect their home and the surrounding houses from being burnt to the ground.

Their $60 million mansion is situated at the end of a cul-de-sac, which means if it did catch fire, it would propose a risk to other homes.


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TMZ reported that the private firefighters dug ditches around their property to stop the spread of the fire.

Their actions saved the family home and their neighbours' houses too.

A move which was welcomed by grateful residents – so Kim and Kayne can probably expect a lot of thank you dinner invites.


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From Kim's social media, it looks as if the young family found safety with Khloe after being evacuated last week.

The 38-year-old posted the CUTEST picture with niece, True.

In the caption, she said: "Trying to get my mind off of this fire and snuggling with my niece. We are all safe and that’s all that matters."

Other celebs that sought safety from the wildfires included Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and Orlando Bloom. 

Miley took to social media to announced that she sadly lost her home during the fire.

It is estimated that around 300,000 people had to flee their homes due to the fatal wildfire. 


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At least 23 people have lost their lives to wild fires in Northern California.

The death toll has almost tripled since Monday.

Firefighters are still battling the blaze, but are reportedly struggling to contain the out-of-control flames.


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The high winds which originally spread the fire have returned, making the work of emergency services extra challenging.

'Were not out of the woods and were not going to be out of the woods for a great number of days to come,' Cal Fire Director Ken Pimlott told a news conference, according to RTE.

According to CNN, around 100 people have been treated for burns and smoke inhalation. Hundreds of people are thought to be missing due to the fires.


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Up to 20,000 people have evacuated the area, and new evacuations have been called.

Up to 2000 homes and businesses have been destroyed in the blaze.

Napa,Sonoma and Yuba counties In California are in a state of emergency due to the fires.

It has not yet been established what caused the fatal blaze.

'It is too early to tell whether any of the wildfires were started by humans,' Ken Pimlott, director of Cal Fire, told CNN.

'All these fires are under investigation.'

The fires were spread by strong winds in the area on Monday, and continue to burn.