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A devastated Bobby Brown paid tribute to his children at a Circle of Sisters Expo 2015 in New York.

He insisted that he feels “blessed” to have his children after the tragic loss of his daughter witht he late Whitney Houston, earlier this year.

He gushed about his children and paid a touching tribute to his tragic daughter, saying that he had “gained another angel to carry me through.”

I'm really blessed with my children and everything that I have to do is about that," he told WBLS' Déjà Vu.

"It's about love," he continued, "I have a lot of love around me and have a lot of love that I give. It's about that."

The 22-year old Bobbi Kristina died in July. In January she was found unresponsive face-down in a bath-tub in a townhouse in Atlanta which she had once shared with her mother.

Initially she had been treated in hospital but as her condition deteriorated further she was moved to hospice care on passed away on June 24.

Since his daughter’s death, Bobby has signed a book deal which he says has helped him to cope with the loss.

"We've been working hard on it and I'm just trying to get all the cobwebs out and trying to be as honest as possible."

"My story is really deep, but it's funny and it's a whole bunch of things. You can find humour in it. I can because I lived it.”

The book, My Prerogative, is due out in June 2016 and he also added that he intends to hit the big screen soon too:

"From my memoirs I'm doing a script for my movie, so hopefully you'll see me on the screen really soon.”

It is hard to say goodbye. On Sunday, July 26, Bobbi Kristina Brown made her transition peacefully. The family thanks…

Posted by Whitney Houston on Sunday, July 26, 2015



Following the tragic death of his daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, musician Bobby Brown has spoken publicly for the first time.

"Krissy was and is an angel. I am completely numb at this time," the singer, 46, said in a statement today. "My family must find a way to live with her in spirit and honor her memory.

"Our loss is unimaginable." 

He added: "We thank everyone for the prayers for Krissy and our family as we mourn my baby girl." 

Bobbi Kristina was aged just 22 when she died a hospice facility in Atlanta yesterday. 

On January 31, she was found unresponsive face-down in a bath-tub at the townhouse she once shared with her late mother, Whitney Houston. Police believe she was underwater for anywhere between two and five minutes.

Her father's words come as TMZ reports that the investigation into the circumstances that led to the young woman's death has just been made one of murder.  

Law enforcement sources told the website that police believe foul play was involved. Bobbi Kristina's boyfriend, Nick Gordon, continues to be a person of interest.

Ms Brown was surrounded by her family at the time of her death. 

"Yesterday Bobbi Kristina Brown took her place in heaven," lawyers for Mr Brown also said in a statement today. "Krissy fought to get well for months, however she has [succumbed] to her injuries." 

Following his daughter's death, PEOPLE reported via a family source that Bobby contacted loved ones to share the news himself. 

"He is holding it together more than you'd expect," the source furthermore explained. "He knew it was coming.

"Of course he's very emotional, but at the same time, he knows that Krissy is in a better place now. 

"He is taking comfort in the fact that she's with her mother and that there will be no more sadness or pain. She is at peace. He knows that and is taking comfort in that." 

The Houston-Brown family had confirmed the death yesterday via a statement.

"Bobbi Kristina Brown passed away July 26, 2015, surrounded by her family," it read.

"She is finally at peace in the arms of God. We want to again thank everyone for their tremendous amount of love and support during these last few months." 



A statement from the Brown family last night revealed the tragic news the world had been waiting for, but their pain is not over yet.

Bobbi Kristina's untimely death at just 22 years old came after six months of hospital treatment, following the discovery of her unresponsive body in a bathtub at her home in Georgia on January 31 of this year. The Brown family's statement said that their beloved daughter and niece was now "at peace in the arms of God," but what remains is a difficult wait for the autopsy results, which may finally clear up what happened that tragic night.

A representative for the Fulham County Medical Examiner's Office said that the autopsy will not be straightforward one, as Bobbi's six months of hospital treatment may "complicate" the investigation. 

"Interpretation of autopsy findings and other information will also be challenging," the rep told Associated Press. "However, an autopsy could be helpful to address questions which may arise about the cause of her unresponsiveness and eventual death."

Bobbi was moved to hospice care over a month ago and it's believed her life support machine was turned off around that time too. A source close to the family said that the 22-year-old daughter of Whitney Houston had been reduced to "skin and bones" prior to being moved to hospice care.

Police previously confirmed that the circumstances surrounding Bobbi's death are being treated as a criminal investigation, due to a number of unexplained markings discovered on her body when she was found. Earlier this month, her boyfriend, Nick Gordon, was served with a €9m civil law suit in relation to Bobbi Kristina.

Mr Gordon, who recently completed a stint in rehab, is accused of punching his girlfriend in the face, knocking out a front tooth and dragging her upstairs by her hair. It is also alleged that he "routinely" transferred funds "into an account controlled solely by him" without having her consent or authorisation.


Bobbi Kristina Brown has died aged 22 at a hospice facility in Atlanta. 

The daughter of musicians Bobby Brown and the late Whitney Houston was surrounded by her family at the time of her death. "She is finally at peace in the arms of God," they said afterwards. 

On January 31, Ms Brown was found unresponsive face-down in a bath-tub at the Atlanta townhouse she once shared with her mother. Police believe she was underwater for anywhere between two and five minutes.

Paramedics were able to resuscitate her at the time, and she was placed in a medically induced coma and on life support. 

Although there were numerous conflicting reports and updates relating to her condition, it is believed that she never regained consciousness following the incident. 

She was initially treated in hospital, but when her condition deteriorated further, she was moved to a hospice to die on June 24.

"Despite the great medical care at numerous facilities, Bobbi Kristina Brown's condition has continued to deteriorate," read a family statement late last month. "As of today, she has been moved into hospice care."

Her boyfriend, Nick Gordon, was earlier this month served with a €9m civil law suit in relation to Bobbi Kristina's accident.

Mr Gordon, who recently completed a stint in rehab, is accused of punching his girlfriend in the face, knocking out a front tooth and dragging her upstairs by her hair.

It is also alleged that he "routinely" transferred funds "into an account controlled solely by him" without having her consent or authorisation.

He faces no criminal charges yet, though police have said that they continue to investigate the circumstances of her hospitalisation. That investigation could now become one of murder.

At the time of Whitney's death, Bobbi Kristina, then 18, was so distraught that she needed to be hospitalised. "She wasn't only a mother, she was a best friend,' she told Oprah in the same year.

"Bobbi Kristina Brown passed away July, 26 2015, surrounded by her family," a short Houston-Brown statement read this morning.

"She is finally at peace in the arms of God. We want to again thank everyone for their tremendous amount of love and support during these last few months." 

It is hard to say goodbye. On Sunday, July 26, Bobbi Kristina Brown made her transition peacefully. The family thanks…

Posted by Whitney Houston on Sunday, 26 July 2015


One family source had recently told PEOPLE that Bobbi Kristina was "skin and bones" just prior to moving to hospice. 

"She has been losing weight, she's been losing hair. They were taking good care of her, but she has no muscle tone at all.

"There has been some worry that her organs are shutting down," the source said.

Bobbi Kristina, whose parents divorced when she was 14, was the sole benefactor of Whitney's estate when the superstar singer died at the age of 48 in February 2012. Ms Houston was also found face-down in a bathtub – at a Beverly Hills hotel. 

Cocaine and a heart condition were later ruled to have contributed to her early death, which was deemed to be an accident.

Although Whitney is one of the best-selling artists of all time, her wealth was significantly reduced by financial trouble in the latter years of her life. Indeed, it is believed that Ms Brown inherited a relatively modest sum of €18.5m.

However, since her death the singer's back catalogue has proved extremely popular, and her estate rakes in millions annually through royalties. 

Nevertheless, Bobbi Kristina, who had struggled with her own substance abuse issues, has never been in receipt of a lump sum of cash: Ms Houston decreed that her daughter should be given ten percent of her fortune at age 21, a 30 percent at 25 and then the remainder at age 30.

Less than a week before she was found unconscious, Ms Brown had taken to Twitter to express how much she missed her mother in the run-up to the three-year anniversary of the singer's death.

"Miss you mommy," she wrote, also using the hashtag #anniversary. "Loving you more every sec."

Meanwhile, well-known names from the world of entertainment have been quick to express their sorrow this morning: Oprah Winfrey, Kylie Jenner, Dr Phil McGraw, and Missy Elliot are among those offering their condolences. 



Sinead O'Connor has always been an activist – and she's currently very publicly supporting Bobbi Kristina Brown, the only child of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown.

Following an incident in late January at her home, the same townhouse she once shared with her late mother, 22-year-old Ms Brown is currently being cared for at a hospice facility in Atlanta.

She subsequent brain damage is believed to be extensive, and she has not been conscious in months.

In recent days, Bray-resident Sinead has changed her profile picture on Facebook to one of Bobbi Kristina. Her cover photo also shows the young woman with Whitney.

The 48-year-old, still best-known for Nothing Compares To You, has furthermore been dedicating songs to Ms Brown, who is believed to be dying.

Her first message of support was seemingly posted last Thursday, a day after Bobbi Kristina was moved to hospice care. And yesterday, Sinead posted Born Again and Somebody – both sung by R.H. Harris & His Gospel Paraders.

Sinead's fans have also been acknowledging the support she's offering.

"Whoa, what great gospel, you find the best stuff," wrote one. "I can imagine you jumping in and singing along with them… would have been pure joy. Terribly, awfully hurtful and sad situation for Bobbi Kristina, when she crosses over to the other side, her mom will be there for her again."

Another said: "Shame no one could save her, sadly this does make us all realise how sad life can be, maybe it's time to all join hands and pray for her sweet little soul." 

Just yesterday it was reported that Bobbi Kristina Brown had been moved to hospice care after being taken off life support machines.

Her aunt Pat Houston made a statement which said; "As of today, she has been moved into hospice care. We thank everyone for their support and prayers. She is in God’s hands now.”

This was the first official statement made by the family about Bobbi’s condition despite countless rumours circulating about the young woman’s condition.

Since she was found face down in a bath tub at her home in Atlanta, Georgia at the end of January, there has been much discussion as to her boyfriend Nick Gordon’s involvement in her accident.

Reports are now saying that on Wednesday, conservator’s of Bobbi’s estate filed a lawsuit against Nick. According to the conservator Nick secretly stole from Bobbi’s inheritance and had physically abused her.

The accusations claim that Nick transferred funds regularly from Bobbi’s account to his own. Including a transfer of almost €10,000 after she had fallen into a coma.

The lawsuit was filed by Bedelia Hargrove who was appointed conservator of Bobbi Kristina’s financial affairs by the court. There are claims saying that Bobbi had intended to go to police to report Nick’s abuse, but she never made it to the appointment.

Instead she was found face down in her bath tub with a swollen mouth and a missing tooth. This is apparently not the first time Bobbi suffered abuse at the hands of Nick, she had previously been punched in the face and dragged around by her hair.

It is alleged that on the day of Bobbi’s accident she and Nick had gotten into a loud argument.

While the lawsuit doesn’t necessarily blame Nick for the injuries which placed Bobbi in a coma, according to TMZ the documents strongly hint at it, and police have previously been investigating Nick prior to this lawsuit being filed.

Nick was raised by Bobbi’s mother, Whitney Houston as an informal son, and following the singer’s death he and Bobbi referred to each other as husband and wife. The pair however never legally married.



As the heart-breaking story continues, the fate of Bobbi Kristina has yet again become unclear. 

Her mother's and father's families, the Houstons and the Browns, have been at war over the particulars of her medical treatment – and it seems they are no closer to making any firm decisions about her future.

"Bobbi Kristina remains completely unresponsive. She cannot communicate," a Houston family source told PEOPLE.com today.

"The heartbreak and the pain we feel in seeing her that way is beyond words."

However, they added – likely in response to Brown family criticisms, that "no one is trying to pull the plug. No one is saying goodbye." 

In March, the 22-year-old was moved from hospital to an Atlanta rehab facility for longer-term care. 

The Browns say she has even been removed from life-support – however, she remains unresponsive to her surroundings. She also requires a breathing tube, which was inserted into her neck three months ago. 

It seems that the Houstons want to restrict medical intervention so that she can die in peace, but the family of Bobbi Kristina's father are adamant that improvements in her condition have been noted, and that she may yet regain consciousness. 

Just days ago, reports were circulated that the daughter of Whitney Houston was being taken home so she could die in peace.

However, this has now been vehemently denied, with Bobbi’s aunt, Leolah Brown, condemning Pat Houston, Bobbi’s co-guardian. 

Pat Houston, Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina


Leolah revealed this week that the only child of the late Whitney does not require life-supporting machinery, and that she seems to be getting better.

“Bobbi Kristina Brown is not on life support anymore… and is continuing today to improve,” she stated in a Facebook post.

She continued: “And we will never give up on her. Hell no! Not one Brown!”

Bobby Brown's sister, Leolah


Leolah even sensationally claimed that Pat only wants Bobbi to die for her own personal gain.

“If Pat knew The God that I know, instead of trying to inherit my niece’s money for her personal gain, she would mind her own business and go find A JOB for herself without continuously working so hard to destroy my niece.”

Pat, 55, has yet to respond.

Bobbi Kristina was found face down and unresponsive in a bath tub on January 31. It is believed that her doctors are of the opinion that she has suffered extensive and irreversible brain damage. 



Rumours have been circulating that Bobbi Kristina’s guardians, her father Bobby Brown and her aunt Pat Houston, have been preparing to take the 22-year-old off of life support.

Bobbi, the daughter of the late Whitney Houston, was found unresponsive and face down in the bathtub early in January this year and has been in hospital ever since.

Earlier this week, Bobbi's cousin Jerod Brown posted a status on his Facebook page urging the public to pray for his cousin and her father, something which many took as an indication a big decision was about to be made about Bobbi's future.

“I’m asking the world, every nation, every culture, every race, every human being to continue to speak life on my uncles daughter Bobbi Kristina and also send out a special prayer request for my uncle Bobby… PLEASE!!!” he wrote.

The message then urged people to support Jerod's uncle uncle during this tough time. It was accompanied by the hashtags #PrayForBK and #PrayForBobby and a final one with his own brand name #MembersOnlyElite – a little off topic, no? 

Jerod recently used the hashtag #GetReadyBK which has further sparked rumours that the aspiring actress is about to be taken off life support.

However, a source close to the family told People that Bobby would “never” make a decision like that about his daughter as long as there was a chance she could get better. “Bobby hears these reports and it’s annoying to him. He hates that people are just waiting for his daughter to die,” the source told the magazine.

Rumours have also been circulating that Bobbi’s long-term partner, Nick Gordon, may have been involved in her accident and that this is why the family don’t want to make any snap decisions about her health. 

The 25-year-old has been totally refused access to see Bobbi by her family, and Nick’s lawyers released a statement recently alleging that Bobby Brown has "consistently prohibited Nick, who Bobbi Kristina would want by her side, from being there.”

According to a recent report from Reality TV Magazine, Bobbi's family has not budged on their decision to keep Nick away, despite constant requests from his lawyers.

No charges have yet been brought to Nick, who recently completed a stint in rehab linked to his increased substance abuse following Bobbi Kristina's accident.



It has been a devastating two months since Bobbi Kristina Brown, the daughter of the late Whitney Houston was rushed to hospital, and now reports are claiming that she has been discharged.

According to various sources, the 22-year-old's family have decided to take her out of hospital and move her to a rehabilitation centre, in the hope that her condition will improve. However, her state of health remains the same.

One source told Entertainment Tonight, who broke the story: "The family is hoping for improvements in Bobbi Kristina's condition, but she remains in a coma."

The source added: "She is not being rehabbed, she is being moved due to hospital policy."

Members of the Brown family, including father Bobby, were seen moving the young singer's belongings from the hospital in plastic bags yesterday.

Bobbi Kristina was rushed to hospital in January after being discovered unresponsive in a bathtub. She was put in an induced coma, with her distraught family keeping a bedside vigil ever since.

Our thoughts remain with the Brown family at this incredibly difficult time, and we hope that Bobbi Kristina makes a full recovery.



Whitney Houston's daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown is still battling for her life in hospital after being placed in a medically induced coma over four weeks ago.

The 21-year-old is still extremely ill after being found unconscious in a bathtub at her home in Atlanta, Georgia on January 31st.

A huge controversy erupted today after it was reported that the Brown family were cashing in on Bobbi's illness by chronicling the situation for a reality show.

According to TMZ, Bobby Brown himself will not appear in the show, although his sisters Leolah and Tina will.

"It appears that they have not shot video in the hospital, but… they have regular debriefs at home on camera where they talk about the tragedy," TMZ today reported. 

A lawyer for Bobby has slammed the reports, although he did not speak for Leolah and Tina. "There is no Brown family reality show that is in production which chronicles Bobby Brown, Bobbi Kristina or the medical emergency she presently faces at Emory Hospital," said the lawyer today, calling the allegations "plain insanity."

Whatever the situation with her family, we hope Bobbi's health improves soon.