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Gwyneth Paltrow often been the subject of some ridicule for her lifestyle website Goop.

It does, after all, feature everything from "advice" on vagina facials to a guide on how to yawn correctly. 

The actress doesn't seem too bothered by the press though, and continues to share ever-more bizarre content, including her annual Christmas gift guide which came out yesterday.

Gwynnie's Ridiculous (And Awesome) Gifts guide supposedly features "a little ridiculous for every budget" rather than just "crazy extravagances," but we beg to differ.

Among the items on the 2015 list are…

Custom-made 18-carat gold dumbbells for €115,000


A Darwin Sect jellyfish tank  for €1400
"No clue where you buy jellyfish though," says the Goop team. Oh, okay then. So it's just an empty tank.


A selection of Joseph's Toiletries toilet paper for €900
"A 9 month supply (approx.) of everything you need to raise the bar on the definition of a well-groomed man or woman." We'll take Andrex, thanks.


Gilded playing cards for €2,100
"High stakes cards," indeed.


A toothpaste squeezer for €225
You could buy an endless supply of toothpaste for that price, surely?


And, if you're really stuck for cash…

A condom dispenser for €42
"Functional and straightforward, this 100% stainless steel dispenser safely stores this essential personal care item with characteristic German efficiency."

We'll take the lot.



A woman named Jasmine Tridevil from Florida has revealed the plastic surgery she had to have an extra breast.

Yes, an extra breast. As in she now has three breasts.

The bizarre request was turned down by several doctors (no shock there) before one said yes, although she won’t name the doctor who performed the surgery (no shock there).

When asked during an interview why she would want to have three breasts, she answered: “I wanted to make myself unattractive to men. Because I don’t want to date anymore.”

The story has now blown up and Jasmine will be appearing on many shows, including Jimmy Kimmel Live she says.

Something tells us this isn’t the last we’ve heard of Jasmine and her third breast.

Well, whatever makes her happy, we guess!