Gwyneth Paltrow wants us to start doing what in the shower!?

Gwyneth Paltrow just really wants us to be living our best lives. She is already trying to make sure we’re yawning correctly, because that’s a serious issue you know. Now though, she’s tackles some other very interesting habits of ours.

She wants you to try peeing in the shower.

A recent post on her lifestyle website Goop, is revealing some of ‘The Secrets of the Pelvic Floor’. One of these secrets apparently, is that Gwyneth and Goop believe in your right to relieving yourself in the shower, as long as you adopt a deep squat position first.

In her step-by-step guide and instructions for how to use an exercise ball to lengthen an “uptight pelvic floor”, she reminds us that it is a very basic human movement that we appear to have forgotten in these high-tech fast-paced times we live in.

Goop informs us that squatting in the shower to pee is "a basic human movement that we’ve stopped doing regularly.”

The post then advises us on how to fix this travesty:

Getting in the habit of deep squatting (envision going to the bathroom in the woods) will actually help create proper alignment in the pelvis, raise pelvic awareness, and help lengthen an 'uptight' pelvic floor."

We’ve long been told that kegels are recommended to help those who deal with incontinence issues.

However it took the Goop newsletter with its passion for efficient showering habits to highlight the real benefits of adopting a deep squat before you- ahem, let it go.