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Sarah Jane Dunne, a contestant in this year's Miss Ireland, has been talking about what REALLY went on behind the scenes of the beauty pageant this year, and while we don’t like to buy in to the stereotypes about women, we can’t say we’re surprised!

Sarah Jane admitted: “You do get a little bitchiness behind the scenes, but that’s natural when there are 34 girls in a room.”

Thirty-four girls in a room who are all competing for the same prize, may we add. Things are bound to get a bit tense! However, the winner said that this didn’t stop her from making really good friends, and when she got exposure for being a Traveller, she could depend on the girls for support:

“I’ve made friends for life at pageants, I got on really well with all the girls, especially at Miss University Ireland and Miss Ireland.

“When I got so much exposure for being a Traveller, the girls were really supportive.

“I was a bit conscious of getting media attention. At the back of my mind I felt a bit guarded because I didn’t want to be made a spectacle of, which you would see happen an awful lot with the media and Travellers.

“I didn’t want to be made out to be some sort of Big Fat Gypsy like character. It can be so easy for people to twist what you say and make you out to be something you’re not.”

We’re glad to see that when it boils down to it, us girls are there for our friends – competition or no competition!



The proof that Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé basically hate each other is here as their seats for the Video Music Awards this weekend have been unveiled.

Everybody remembers that iconic moment that Kim, Kanye, Beyoncé and Jay-Z all sat together at the 2012 BET Awards, but that was then and this is now.

Following Bey and Jay’s no-show at the wedding of the year back in May, things have been somewhat cold between the foursome.

Not only did Kanye diss Jay-Z on stage, but recently Kim actually talked about her former friend’s marriage, saying: “You just always hope nothing like that’s true.”

So now, the VMA’s are back, and the ladies are sitting as far away from each other as possible.

Hollywood Life have revealed that Kim and Bey will be over 30 yards from each other, so it doesn’t look as if any awkward run-ins will be happening!

To make matters even more awkward (is that possible?) Kim will be sitting two seats away from her brother Rob’s ex girlfriend, Rita Ora.

Who planned that one?!

We all know Kim isn’t very good at hiding her true feelings, so make sure to look out for the cold stare poor Rita is doubt in for!