The proof that Kanye is angry with Jay-Z over wedding diss


Kris Jenner may have tried to play down just how affected by Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s absence Kim and Kanye were at their May wedding – but we knew Kanye couldn’t hide it forever!

Everybody was more than surprised when Jay-Z and his wife didn’t turn up to the wedding of the year, particularly as it had been rumoured that Jay-Z would act as best man.

Now, the rapper has all but confirmed just how mad he is at his former BFF by completely omitting his name from his songs!

Kanye was performing at the X Music Festival in Austin last week when it was noticed that anywhere Jay-Z’s name should have been in his lyrics, it wasn’t.

This diss hasn’t gone unnoticed by fans either, with many saying that Kanye’s omission of Jay-Z’s name is a very clear message.

Eek, it looks like they there won’t be any double dates for quite a while. This is about to get awkward.