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It’s not everyday that an ionic A-lister loops you into their online chats, but as one Dublin woman now knows, it can indeed happen.

Yes, when well-known illustrator Holly Shortall innocuously said she was “seething with jealousy” during a light-hearted online interaction in which none-other than Cher was tagged – she found herself at the receiving end of the singer’s notoriously bonkers wit.

“My initial reaction was 'OMG Cher tweeted me' like there are very few people as iconic as Cher so I was so excited!” Holly exclusively explained to SHEmazing! this evening.

“Then I read it about 54 times trying to figure out what it all meant.”

Holly added of her idol: “She's gas, her tweets make absolutely no sense.”

Describing herself as a bit of a Cher super-fan, Ms Shortall went on to explain that she remains “obsessed with the movie Mermaids” [the 1990 comedy staring the singer].

In fact, as a child Holly even wished the 69-year-old Californian “was my real mom”.

Her run-in with celebrity royalty began yesterday when the equally Cher-obsessed @Rowlegendary posted a picture of a quirky coffee table embellished with the star's most prolific tweets.

"I got a coffee table of @Cher's best tweets as a gift. I don't see how my birthday can get any better," he wrote.

When Holly spotted the message, she quickly responded with a tongue-in-cheek: “I don't know but I am seething with jealousy.”

Step forward Cher herself, who in response went for the weird and wonderful: “Jealousy is a GIFT BITCH. That Just Keeps On Giving. Weird Thing..You're Not hurting Any1, But YOU, Cause ur Hiding Your SHAME.”

Brilliantly confusing, we say.

Still, the 26-year-old Dubliner, who counts the likes of Kim Kardashian and Kelly Osborne among the fans of her artwork, certainly hasn’t let the incident get her down.

In fact, she’s been taking it all in her stride – especially when Cher tweeted at Ms Shortall AGAIN to clarify that she wasn't calling her a b**ch, but jealousy itself.

“I love having a laugh and taking the mick out of myself so I won't lie, it's been fun,” Holly also told SHEmazing!

But sadly, she doesn’t think Cher will be in touch in the future.

“She’ll probably have long forgotten about me and have a new victim in her sights already!” she laughed.



Fair City’s Aoibheann McCaul, who plays Caoimhe on the show, says that she is always getting cast as “the b*tch” because of the way she looks:

"I was typecast as the b*tch in the show but that's what I was getting typecast as anyway because I've got quite a severe face and a lot of things are based on how you look.

"I used to get in trouble at school because teachers used to think I was giving them dirty looks. I was like, 'This is my natural facial expression' – I'm actually a really good person. I can actually play a nice, happy, vulnerable person. I've a wide range of emotions, as my boyfriend will tell you.”

The brunette doesn’t sound as if she plans on staying in Fair City forever though, saying: “Fair City is just a gig so they could have me move on or I could move on at any time.

"I'd love a big movie role in some kind of action film. I was almost considering going into stunts.

"I love sports and things like that so I think that might be my niche. I think lots of girls don't want to jump off buildings or roll off horses. I think I'm actually the one girl in Fair City that's done stunts. I've run through fires, I've run in front of cars, lots of different things."




We all love the bubbly Caroline Morahan from her Off the Rails days, but apparently casting directors see her more as “a sweet, caring mom, kindergarten teacher. Or a vixen b***h who is here to destroy your marriage.”

Woah! Talk about from one extreme to another!

Caroline is also in the process of writing a “riotous rom-com” which will be a US/Irish co-production:

“I’ve been really inspired by some great indie features I’ve seen and I’ve always been a believer that you create your own opportunities. So I started kicking around some ideas and now this is one of two projects in the pipeline.

“I’m really enjoying the writing process and all going well hope to be shooting next year.

“It’s a wonderfully empowering feeling to be creating on this scale. As an actor, you’re so dependent on other people booking you for a job.”

We will definitely have to give her new flick a watch, good luck Caroline!