Which Irish sweetheart is a “b***h who is here to destroy your marriage”?!


We all love the bubbly Caroline Morahan from her Off the Rails days, but apparently casting directors see her more as “a sweet, caring mom, kindergarten teacher. Or a vixen b***h who is here to destroy your marriage.”

Woah! Talk about from one extreme to another!

Caroline is also in the process of writing a “riotous rom-com” which will be a US/Irish co-production:

“I’ve been really inspired by some great indie features I’ve seen and I’ve always been a believer that you create your own opportunities. So I started kicking around some ideas and now this is one of two projects in the pipeline.

“I’m really enjoying the writing process and all going well hope to be shooting next year.

“It’s a wonderfully empowering feeling to be creating on this scale. As an actor, you’re so dependent on other people booking you for a job.”

We will definitely have to give her new flick a watch, good luck Caroline!