Fair City actress is fed up of people thinking she’s “the b*tch”


Fair City’s Aoibheann McCaul, who plays Caoimhe on the show, says that she is always getting cast as “the b*tch” because of the way she looks:

"I was typecast as the b*tch in the show but that's what I was getting typecast as anyway because I've got quite a severe face and a lot of things are based on how you look.

"I used to get in trouble at school because teachers used to think I was giving them dirty looks. I was like, 'This is my natural facial expression' – I'm actually a really good person. I can actually play a nice, happy, vulnerable person. I've a wide range of emotions, as my boyfriend will tell you.”

The brunette doesn’t sound as if she plans on staying in Fair City forever though, saying: “Fair City is just a gig so they could have me move on or I could move on at any time.

"I'd love a big movie role in some kind of action film. I was almost considering going into stunts.

"I love sports and things like that so I think that might be my niche. I think lots of girls don't want to jump off buildings or roll off horses. I think I'm actually the one girl in Fair City that's done stunts. I've run through fires, I've run in front of cars, lots of different things."