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Kim Kardashian may be one of the most popular Instagram users with an astonishing 136 million people following her account, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean she is the most loved celebrity on the photo-sharing app.

The businesswoman is often slated for the content she shares on Instagram whether that’s of her daughter North wearing makeup or a lavish shot taken on her private jet.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is often hit with waves of criticism no matter what she posts, but her latest post has caused quite the stir online and we’re not surprised.


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Kim posted a throwback photo from her recent trip to Bali. The snaps were taken at a supposed ‘elephant sanctuary’ in Bali, however, Kim has been slammed for the cruel photos with many claiming the elephants are treated horribly at the ‘sanctuary’.

Numerous users stressed the fact that if it was, in fact, an elephant sanctuary then people wouldn’t allow elephants to be ridden.

One user wrote: “This is not an elephant sanctuary. You do not ride elephants in a sanctuary. Do not visit or post about these places when you do not have the right information. These are beautiful animals that need to be treated with respect not like a toy to ride along and to take an insta pic with. Disgraceful.”

Another asked: “Do you really care about the elephants? Or do you care more about how you look standing in front of one.”

“This is cruel! This elephant should be in the wild with its social group…Seriously Kim? You couldn’t have picked a real sanctuary where they rescue animals and don’t ‘train’ elephants and rip them from their families? You had to choose this place?!” another said.

One user stressed how this place definitely wasn’t an elephant sanctuary like Kim claimed: “This is not a sanctuary; you know it by the fact that the elephant is being ridden and there is a hook on a pole that the rider is using to get the elephant to comply. But all for a good picture right Kim? Who cares if the elephant has been tortured (you can see scars on its skin) or taken away from its mother when it was a baby and starved to train it so you could have a picture.”


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Kim responded to the backlash by saying she did research before visiting and stressed that the elephants were rescued and well-treated.

It is believed Kim and Kanye visited Mason Adventures in Bali, which is an elephant park, not a sanctuary.


Ah, Bali. Arguably one of the most naturally beautiful places in the entire world. 

The Indonesian island has gained popularity as a tourist destination dramatically over the past decade, thanks in part to social media. The island's beauty and reputation as a vacation paradise is more known than ever before thanks to aspirational travel pages on Instagram, and influencers jetting off and snapping the perfect white-sand-blue-sky beach snap.

The gorgeous natural landscape has been enjoyed by travellers for generations, but more than ever it is being enjoyed through a smartphone screen – and one luxury resort wants to put an end to that culture and encourage wanderlusters to live in the moment. 


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The Ayana Resort has banned smart phones from its stunning River Pool – which is well documented on Insta – to encourage tranquillity.

'The ethos of River Pool is to create a place of tranquillity, where our guests can truly relax and be ‘in the moment’ reads the resort's website. 

'To ensure River Pool remains a haven for guests we limit the use of mobile phones, cameras, iPads, and any other electronic equipment between 9am-5pm.'


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'So during your time at River Pool we promise there will be no calls, no text, no pictures, and no social media – just you, River Pool and this moment!'

'When I was last at the Ayana, everyone around the pool had a phone in hand,' said Leslie Patrick Moore, who reviewed the hotel for traveller.com.

'Couples sitting next to each other were each staring at screens, and not talking to each other or looking at the gorgeous scenery right in front of them.'


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'It does seem sad that people spend thousands of pounds to go on vacation, and then sit and stare at their phones instead of living in the moment and making memories. I think Ayana's electronic device ban is a great idea, and will make the whole poolside experience more peaceful and authentic.'

With social media becoming more invasive by the day, perhaps more resorts will follow in this popular Honeymoon destinations (sandy) footsteps.

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Mount Agung has sat quietly for over fifty years overlooking the resort island of Bali in Indonesia.

The wanderlust's dream location has been under threat from the active volcano since it began to give warning signs that an eruption may be imminent. 

Last night, those warnings came to a head, as the peak of the volcano began to spew plumes of noxious smoke into the air. 

Settlements, which lie in the shadow of the mountain, have abandoned their homes in search of safety as the threat of an eruption continues. 

Mount Agung last erupted in 1963, killing almost 1,600 individuals. 

Up to 140,000 people are believed to have fled from the areas surrounding the simmering volcano, according to reports.

'Yesterday there was smoke and steam as high as 700 metres, and last night there were tremors for quite a while – around three hours,' the head of Indonesia’s volcanology centre told AFP.

'The mountain continues to spew smoke, but there hasn’t been any big eruption so far.'

The volcano has been rumbling intermittently for a number of months. 

Indonesia is located on the Pacific Ring of Fire, and area of high volcanic and earthquake activity due to active tectonic plates beneath the earth's surface.

Indonesian volcanoes are some of the most active on the Ring. 

Tourists have not yet been warned to avoid the area and flights are continuing to run to and from the island. 



Cara Delevingne gave fans an eye full today after posting a completely naked photo to Instagram. All the model had to hide her modesty was two torches and a ‘no entry’ traffic sign.

Delevingne is currently doing a photo shoot in Bali, but gave no explanation for her lack of clothing. Though her sister Poppy who is also in Bali posted a scenic photo with the caption: “Life does not need a filter #beauty #bali #blessed.”

Perhaps the sisters were trying to make a point about the beauty of going au naturel?!