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Nobody panic, but we have some seriously exciting news for you all!  

As of tomorrow morning, you will be officially able to have breakfast at Tiffany's (and lunch, for that matter)

How AMAZING is that?

On November 10th, The Blue Box Cafe will open its doors to the public, and we could not be more excited to try it out. 

What's on the menus, I hear you ask?

Well, apparently the menu will include "a refined take on signature New York dishes" made from locally-sourced ingredients. Dishes such as a lobster avocado salad and a C.L.T. for Charles Lewis Tiffany, or chicken, lettuce, and tomato, according to Vanity Fair.

Lunch is $39 for a starter and main course, which seems like a lot – but its all about the experience. 

For Holly Golightly fans, there is a special croissant and coffee combo for $29, which includes a side of avocado toast, truffled eggs, or smoked salmon bagel (yum!)

Oh, and if the food hasn't sold you (seriously, why though?) then let's just talk about the decor for a second. 

"The space is experimental and experiential–a window into the new Tiffany," chief artistic officer Reed Krakoff said in a statement about the new venture. 

The space is small, and completely designed around the famous tiffany box (all things blue!)

And while it might be little, the views of Central Park make up for it in every way – simply breathtaking. 

Time to start booking flights ladies – Tiffany is waiting.



For any true fashion lover, it is a marvel to see vintage clothes, especially worn by some of the world's greatest stars.

Well, Newbridge Silverware Museum has just launched it's 'Audrey' collection, and it promises to give more than ever before.

Showcasing vintage clothes worn by Audrey Hepburn both off and on-screen, the Style Icons museum will give you a serious glimpse into the actress's life.

As well as exhibiting outfits worn in her hit movies and at her son's christening, the museum will also feature the dress she was wearing when she won the Oscar for Best Actress in Roman Holiday.

There's also a variety of exciting additions to the museum as clothes worn by Kim and Khloe Kardashian will also be showcased.

But that's not all. If you're a Mad Men fan, vintage gowns worn by the show's stars, January Jones and Christina Hendricks, will also be on show – and they're too gorgeous for words.

So, if you want a glimpse of vintage or a look into the lives of some of the world's biggest icons, Newbridge Silverware Museum of Style Icons is open seven days a week, and you can book here

It's a day out not to be missed.


Less than 18months ago, YouTube-stable Chanele McGuinness heard about an emerging music contest being held by RTE.

Initially pitted against 550 other entrants, to her delight she made the final. Lining up alongside solo artist Gary Showbiz as well as five-piece band The New Transmission, she played live on the John Murray Show.

By the end, she had been declared the over-all winner; a little over 48hours later she was on the Saturday Night Show playing her song, Numb, to some half a million viewers.

Performances at Sea Sessions and Electric Picnic followed – so suffice to say that Chanele, a 22-year-old from the Ballyshannon area of Co Donegal, had been plunged into the deep-end.


Just doing my duties as a #Galaxy Girl…(@aoifeeeb)

A photo posted by Chanele McGuinness (@chaneleywelly) on

But that’s also very much the way she likes it – which is just as well, as she’s currently being plunged right back in all over again.

It began several months ago when talent scouts acting on behalf of Galaxy chocolate spotted her music on SoundCloud.

They liked what they heard, and invited her to London to audition; once again she found herself caught up a whirlwind.

“I was in France visiting a friend at the time,” she explains in a one-on-one conversation with SHEmazing! “The next thing I knew I was on a train for probably the biggest audition of my life. I didn’t have time to think about it, really.”

She adds: “I’d never done anything like that before. I mean, it’s kinda just always been me and my guitar playing open-mic nights.”

The audition was evidently a huge success: she ended up collaborating with Bxnjamin, a talented London-based rapper, to create an infectious, acoustic version of Audrey Hepburn's iconic Moon River.

If you haven’t heart the track yet – and you soon will – it features in a brand-new, must-see advert for the recently released Galaxy Duet bar, which has just been unveiled throughout the UK and Ireland.

Things are surely only going to get bigger too: Galaxy has partnered with Spotify to allow fans of the track to stream it onto their music devices for free. It's furthermore available on iTunes.

“It's exposure on another level,” the Donegal-woman admits earlier today. “And I don't think it's really hit me yet that people will be hearing me in their kitchens.”

Her mum, whom Chanele cites as her No.1 fan, has already checked if the Galaxy Duet advert will be played during the soaps (it will). “So that’s her content,” she laughs.


A little clip of @sonbxnji & I performing last week at the #GalaxyDuet launch! #moonriver

A video posted by Chanele McGuinness (@chaneleywelly) on

Right now, the singer-songwriter is weighing up a move to London. “I'm so happy with everything and I’m just so excited about Galaxy Duet,” she states.

“So going forward I'd like to think I'd be a bit picky and choosey about what I work on or who I work with next.”

The X Factor is out then? “I just don’t think you get a lot of freedom in that type of TV show,” Ms McGuinness shrugs. “You have to be open to being much more moulded.”

As for hearing her voice on the Galaxy television ad, she describes it as a “totally surreal and utterly amazing” experience. “I still have to pinch myself every time I see it on television!” 

From YouTube, to RTE and Electric Picnic – to taking on Galaxy… we here at SHEmazing! can’t wait to see A LOT more of Chanele McGuinness. 




Had she lived, earlier this month Audrey Hepburn would have celebrated her 86th birthday.

Nevertheless, more than two decades after her death from cancer, the actress retains an iconic status – every year raking in big bucks from advertising campaigns (such as the recent Galaxy chocolate ad) and merchandise.

And now her children – two sons from her two marriages – are squabbling over her possessions: a treasure trove including posters, costumes, clothing, photographs, scripts, and awards.

Such is Audrey’s enduring popularity, the items collectively could be worth millions.

Sean Ferrer, 54, and Luca Dotti, 45, were given a 50/50 cut of their mother’s personal effects followed her death in Switzerland in January 1993.

The Roman Holiday star did not, however, specify which son would receive which items – hence the current trouble.

Apparently, the collection is now amassing dust in a storage facility in Los Angeles – and a judge will have to step in to divvy it up.

In December 2006 Audrey’s breathtaking Givenchy black dress from Breakfast At Tiffany’s was bought by an anonymous bidder for €660,000 at Christie’s in London.



Emma Ferrer is the 20-year-old granddaughter of Audrey Hepburn, and she’s made her modelling debut on the cover of this month’s Harper’s Bazaar.

The photos were taken by Michael Avedon, which is pretty cool, considering he's the grandson of Richard Avedon – a photographer who regularly worked with Audrey in the 50s.

Emma’s dad Sean Ferrer, says there are many similarities between his daughter and his mum, who died of cancer in 1993: “My mother was the same as she was on the screen: unassuming, humble, funny, emotional, strong, delicate. Fortunately Emma has much better boundaries than either Mom or I ever had. But the genes are strong — and the comedic gene is alive and well. And I can't help but think that both had to quit professional ballet because they were too tall.”

Emma, who is an art student, says she doesn’t see herself being a model full time, but would like to be involved in the fashion industry in some way.

We can definitely see a resemblance between Emma and her grandmother!




Max Factor is celebrating ‘100 Years of Glamour’ by recreating some of the most influential beauty looks of the past on creative inspiration, Gwyneth Paltrow.

With such a rich heritage in Hollywood Glamour, Max Factor has gone back to its roots to celebrate their iconic work.

Featuring a look from the fifties, sixties, seventies and eighties, the new campaign will see Gwyneth Paltrow transformed into modern interpretations of some of the world’s most iconic beauty looks inspired by : Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, Farrah Fawcett and Madonna.

The four new stunning glamour statements all contain nuances of much loved iconic looks, with a modern twist.

Are you #Audrey #Brigitte #Farrah or #Madonna? Tweet @MaxFactorUK with your style icon.




The ultimate fashion icon, Audrey’s style is timeless and classic.

Following the 21st anniversary of her death on Monday, we decided to honour her in the best way we know how – through fashion!

From pretty dresses to high waisted shorts and pants, Audrey always looked pristine. You will never go wrong if you channel your inner Holly Golightly.

audrey collage



It featured in Marilyn Monroe’s best-known movie moment, so it’s no surprise that her white halterneck dress has been voted the most iconic screen costume of all time.

The William Travilla dress worn by Marilyn in the 1955 film, Seven Year Itch, earned its place in history by billowing around the actresses thighs as she stepped on a subway grate.

The dress was closely followed by Judy Garland’s gingham dress in The Wizard of Oz and Olivia Newton-John’s famous black pants from the final scenes of Grease.

Fourth and fifth places were given to the Ursula Andress bikini from Dr No, and  the black Givenchy dress worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s.