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Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Nobody panic, but we have some seriously exciting news for you all!  

As of tomorrow morning, you will be officially able to have breakfast at Tiffany's (and lunch, for that matter)

How AMAZING is that?

On November 10th, The Blue Box Cafe will open its doors to the public, and we could not be more excited to try it out. 

What's on the menus, I hear you ask?

Well, apparently the menu will include "a refined take on signature New York dishes" made from locally-sourced ingredients. Dishes such as a lobster avocado salad and a C.L.T. for Charles Lewis Tiffany, or chicken, lettuce, and tomato, according to Vanity Fair.

Lunch is $39 for a starter and main course, which seems like a lot – but its all about the experience. 

For Holly Golightly fans, there is a special croissant and coffee combo for $29, which includes a side of avocado toast, truffled eggs, or smoked salmon bagel (yum!)

Oh, and if the food hasn't sold you (seriously, why though?) then let's just talk about the decor for a second. 

"The space is experimental and experiential–a window into the new Tiffany," chief artistic officer Reed Krakoff said in a statement about the new venture. 

The space is small, and completely designed around the famous tiffany box (all things blue!)

And while it might be little, the views of Central Park make up for it in every way – simply breathtaking. 

Time to start booking flights ladies – Tiffany is waiting.



Had she lived, earlier this month Audrey Hepburn would have celebrated her 86th birthday.

Nevertheless, more than two decades after her death from cancer, the actress retains an iconic status – every year raking in big bucks from advertising campaigns (such as the recent Galaxy chocolate ad) and merchandise.

And now her children – two sons from her two marriages – are squabbling over her possessions: a treasure trove including posters, costumes, clothing, photographs, scripts, and awards.

Such is Audrey’s enduring popularity, the items collectively could be worth millions.

Sean Ferrer, 54, and Luca Dotti, 45, were given a 50/50 cut of their mother’s personal effects followed her death in Switzerland in January 1993.

The Roman Holiday star did not, however, specify which son would receive which items – hence the current trouble.

Apparently, the collection is now amassing dust in a storage facility in Los Angeles – and a judge will have to step in to divvy it up.

In December 2006 Audrey’s breathtaking Givenchy black dress from Breakfast At Tiffany’s was bought by an anonymous bidder for €660,000 at Christie’s in London.



It featured in Marilyn Monroe’s best-known movie moment, so it’s no surprise that her white halterneck dress has been voted the most iconic screen costume of all time.

The William Travilla dress worn by Marilyn in the 1955 film, Seven Year Itch, earned its place in history by billowing around the actresses thighs as she stepped on a subway grate.

The dress was closely followed by Judy Garland’s gingham dress in The Wizard of Oz and Olivia Newton-John’s famous black pants from the final scenes of Grease.

Fourth and fifth places were given to the Ursula Andress bikini from Dr No, and  the black Givenchy dress worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s.