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If this isn't a wake up call to the Irish government, we don't know what will be.

But Ireland's capital city has now earned the depressing title of being the hardest place to find affordable accommodation in the WORLD.

In the survey, we even beat notorious cities for terribly over-priced housing, such as Paris and London. 


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The research was conducted by InterNationsm who asked 18,000 respondents to rank cities around the globe in a number of areas.

It was in their 'finance and housing' section that Dublin was crowned the worst.

In the Expat City Ranking 2018,  our captial city secure 72nd position out of 72 major cities.


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Furthermore, nine out of 10 foreign workers feel that the city's local housing is not affordable.

But it wasn't just forking out for housing that the participates were unhappy about – but the high cost of living in Dublin.

70 percent of expats said it was an issue.


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It isn't all doom and gloom, despite their bank accounts screaming – they found a warm welcome and job opportunities here.

Eight in 10 people said that local friendlinesses was ripe in the city and they felt welcomed into their new home.

Considering this and all of the other sub-sections, it led us to a ranking of 66th position in the overall table.


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The company’s CEO Malte Zeeck explained our less than perfect performance, saying: “Expats in Dublin are less than satisfied with life in the city, putting the Irish capital in the bottom 10 of the Expat City Ranking."

"The result is mainly due to the city’s poor performance regarding the quality of urban living, as well as finance & housing." – That's no surprise since half of us can't even afford to move out of the family gaff.

“Once again, Dublin performs well in terms of local friendliness, with 78 per cent of expats rating the general friendliness of the city’s residents favourably, whilst just 62 per cent say the same globally," he added.

"This is especially noteworthy when we look at Dublin's UK counterpart, London, where barely half the residents, just 53 per cent, consider the local residents to be friendly.” – BOOM, well done Dublin!


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If you're sick of Dublin's crappy housing – Taipei was ranked the number one best city, Singapore came in second and Manama was third.

So you never know, 2019 could be your year to relocate. 


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A new report has today said that the construction of new apartments is not viable.

The development of affordable apartment living structures is more expensive to build than free standing houses.

The Society of Chartered Surveyors analysed the cost of building, and found that apartments will not be the answer to the housing crisis. 

Low rise apartments in the Dublin suburbs start from €293,000 to build.

'Height in terms of very high rise or tall buildings isn't really the solution, the higher that you build, the more expensive it costs,' Paul Mitchell, one of the authors of the report said. 

'Buildings become less efficient and you have to spend a lot more money on structure.'

This is due to the fact that high rise apartments 'have a more complex structure and require a wider range of mechanical and electrical services, sophisticated facades, basement parking and much more,' reads the report. 

However, according to the report one category of apartment building – low rise in the suburbs – could be commercially viable to build, and would be affordable to average earners.