Dublin apartments more expensive to build than houses, report shows


A new report has today said that the construction of new apartments is not viable.

The development of affordable apartment living structures is more expensive to build than free standing houses.

The Society of Chartered Surveyors analysed the cost of building, and found that apartments will not be the answer to the housing crisis. 

Low rise apartments in the Dublin suburbs start from €293,000 to build.

'Height in terms of very high rise or tall buildings isn't really the solution, the higher that you build, the more expensive it costs,' Paul Mitchell, one of the authors of the report said. 

'Buildings become less efficient and you have to spend a lot more money on structure.'

This is due to the fact that high rise apartments 'have a more complex structure and require a wider range of mechanical and electrical services, sophisticated facades, basement parking and much more,' reads the report. 

However, according to the report one category of apartment building – low rise in the suburbs – could be commercially viable to build, and would be affordable to average earners.