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Multiple sources have reported that several Love Island couples have had sex on the show in secret, but the scenes aren't being aired on TV.

Show bosses are allegedly choosing not to show this years' scenes due to fears of "ruining their lives". The show is infamous for the under-the-covers sex scenes and Islanders avoiding the camera.

Only two trips to the Hideaway have been made this year, with Curtis and Amy as well as Molly-Mae and Tommy appearing to keep things PG.


It's been revealed by an insider that many couples are "doing bits" and more, but producers have opted to conceal the footage to protect the mental health of the contestants.

"It hasn’t been shown on TV – bosses are worried about upsetting them and fear ruining their lives,’ the source added.

The Islanders have all told show producers that they were "not comfortable with their sex scenes being broadcast" and so "bosses have taken it all into account".

Last year, Love Island bosses would just show sex scenes if the participants chose to speak about their bedroom antics afterwards. 


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The change comes after former 2017 Islander Zara Holland had sex on TV and had her Miss Great Britain title stripped as a result. 

She told the Daily Star: "If I had my time on the show again I would definitely do things differently. I wouldn’t have sex for a start.

"It’s so hypocritical that everyone around me was at it like rabbits but I was the one who lost everything. And I only had sex once, in a private room, under the covers. I regret it," she continued.

“So my advice to this year’s islanders is think before you do it. It could haunt you for the rest of your career."

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Amy Hart admitted to "doing bits" with Curtis Pritchard before she left for Casa Amor and he brutally dumped her and morphed into the Toxic Player of the Island (plot twist).

But according to his 26-year-old former 'half-girlfriend', no one wants to have sex on TV because it's been transformed into a family show;

"No one wants to have sex as it’s a family show now,’ she claimed to The Sun. ‘It used to be more niche but my 73-year-old nan and granddad are obsessed with it." Fair enough…

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Today marks the birthday of late Love Island star Sophie Gradon.

Her former co-stars and close friends are posting sweet birthday messages in her honour.

Zara Holland, who appeared on the reality tv show with Sophie in 2016, shared a touching post on her Instagram.


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“Happy Birthday Baby Girl. I think about you every day, love you so much,” she said.

“My thought are with your beautiful family today.”

The model would have turned 33-years-old today, and her loved ones continue to grieve the gorgeous girl’s loss.

Co-star Rachel Fenton also posted a photo of the birthday girl, reminiscing on all the fond memories they shared together.


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“Happy birthday Soph”, she shared. “[You are] so missed.”

Olivia Bowen and Scott Thomas also wrote fondly of their beloved friend.

“Happy birthday to a beautiful angel in the sky. Love and thoughts are with you, your family and friends,” said Olivia.

And Scott shared Zara’s tribute, saying: “Happy bday Soph”.

Katie Salmon chose to remember Sophie as her happiest self, sharing a smiling selfie of the model. 

"Happy birthday, beautiful," she wrote. "I hope wherever you are you're at peace and celebrating wavy. Sending all my love above today".

During her time on Love Island, Sophie was coupled up with Thomas Powell. Devastated by her passing, the tv personality shared an important message earlier this month.

“Today is a very special day…mental health awareness day…but this shouldn’t be one day of the year, it should be every single day”, he wrote.

He posted a photo of him and Sophie smiling at one another.


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“This amazing woman taught a lot of us that it is okay not to be okay. If anyone is struggling, remember, you are not alone, you are stronger than you think.”

Today, close friends are honouring the tragic passing of Sophie, and reminding us how important it is to raise awareness for those dealing with mental health issues.