Here at SHEmazing! we’re not going to ask you to vote yes in tomorrow's marriage referendum. 

But then, we’re not going to tell you to vote no either. And we’re unwilling to weigh-in on what age our presidents should be.

Here’s what we are requesting: that you vote.

Tomorrow is a hugely important day in this country’s history. But in many other ways, it will be like any other Friday.

Because it will be busy and it will be hectic. People will be jumping on buses, sitting in traffic, going to work, juggling appointments, and honouring commitments. And we all know how unexpected annoyances crop up at the most irritating of times.

In short, despite good intentions it’s not always easy to make it to your local polling station.

But if you’re unable to vote, then you’re unable to make your voice heard, and you will be prevented from exercising your right to shape this country’s future.

So please, don’t assume you’ll vote “at some stage”. Instead, plan your day; leave your house a half an hour before you usually do; get an earlier bus home “just in case” – but do whatever it takes to guarantee that you are present and correct, free and able to mark the yes or no box as you see fit.

And then, as the result emerges over the weekend, you can at least know that you played your part – regardless of the outcome.

Polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm. See for more information.