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Catastrophic wildfires have been blazing across Northern California, forcing people from their homes.

Thousands of civilians have been devastated by the fires’ rapid advancement and many have barely escaped its reaches in time.

According to the Irish Examiner, two fires bordering Mendocino and Lake counties have already destroyed seven homes and 107 square miles of rural land.

Further north, the Carr fire has tragically claimed six lives: two firefighters and four civilians (two of which were children).

Our hearts go out to the families of the victims, and we hope that the hard-working firefighters can gain some control over the giant wildfires.

It has also been reported that the Carr fire has also burned down 800 homes, leaving hundreds of families homeless and running from the quick moving fire.

Fire officials said that they have ordered 10,000 people to flee the area of Lake County and Mendocino National Forest.

12,000 fireman have been fighting the fires day and night, teaming up with aircrafts dropping water and flame retardant from above, and were able to get the flames 35% contained.

Scott McLean, a spokesman for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, said the fire was the ninth most destructive wildfire in Californian history.

Along with the six lives it has claimed, the fire has burned down 818 homes and 311 outbuildings and damaged 165 homes, said the spokesperson.

“Anything could happen anywhere. That’s the nature of the beast for all of these fires,” Scott said, attributing the fast moving blaze to dry vegetation from the recent drought.

The Irish Examiner has reported that although 10,000 people were allowed to return to their homes, more than 27,000 people remained evacuated.

The northwest part of the Carr fire remains in full blaze, but other states have quickly stepped in to help California.

16 states across the US are sending resources to help local firefighters harness the wildfires.

We urge people in the area to stay up to date with news of the fires and take any advice given by firemen they talk to.

Hopefully, these extra supplies with help squelch the wildfires’ blaze soon


Greek wildfires have reportedly claimed the lives of 60 people in the Attica region around Athens.

The country is experiencing the worst fire crisis in more than a decade, as summer temperatures have been high. 

The Press Association reports that Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras has declared a national three-day mourning period. 

A local official reportedly issued the sad news of the death toll to the media after the blaze has destroyed the seaside village of Mati. 

The town is located 40 km (25 miles) north-east of Athens.

The fire swept through Mati on Monday and places were still burning into Tuesday morning.

Mayor of the town of Rafina, Evangelos Bournous told Skai TV, that at least 60 people had lost their lives due to the fires.

Rescuers uncovered the remains of 26 victims, both adults and children in an open space.

Heartbreakingly, they were hugging as they passed away, just metres from the safety of the sea. 

Nikos Economopoulos, head of Greece's Red Cross, said:

"They had tried to find an escape route but unfortunately these people and their kids didn't make it in time. Instinctively, seeing the end nearing, they embraced."

Rescue services have been called upon to look for missing people.

Emergency workers are using boats and helicopters to get people off the beaches and to safety in a huge rescue effort.  

The wildfires are a recurring issue during the hot, dry summer months in Attica.

The flames were fanned by high winds this week.

However, the weather mightn't be the only cause of the current blazes.

Officials quoted by AFP news agency have suggested it may have begun via arsonists looking to loot abandoned homes. 

"Fifteen fires had started simultaneously on three different fronts in Athens," said government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos.

The official said in order to "observe and detect any suspicious activity", they had requested drones from the US. 

Desperate families attempting to flee to the safety of the sea were met by walls of smoke and flame. 

Those who did make it were picked up by Coastal patrol boats and private vessels.

"Thankfully the sea was there and we went into the sea, because the flames were chasing us all the way to the water," said recounted one survivor, Kostas Laganos.

"It burnt our backs and we dived into the water… I said, 'My God, we must run to save ourselves.'"

The death toll is expected to rise.