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To many of us, the ideal amount of red wine to have everyday is probably leaning towards a bottle, but researchers have apparently nailed the actual ideal amount to consume to keep us alive and kicking. 

Alas, it's not the bottle we dream of, but it's not "you should NEVER EVER drink wine," either. 

Scientists in Israel gathered up a group of 224 people that has type 2 disbetes. The participants had to follow a strict diet plan for two years, and opt to either drink a glass of water, white wine or red wine each night with dinner. 

And the results were actually quite shocking!

The red wine drinkers were noted to have significantly increased their levels of good HDL cholesterol, and both wine drinker were found to have better sleep records than the water drinkers. 

So, the perfect amount of wine to drink everyday is a glass with dinner! Sounds good enough for us!


Detox remedies such as vegetable juices, pills and cutting out certain foods might make us feel less guilty about overindulging but there is actually no scientific evidence to back up their "facts". 

Detoxes are based on the idea that stored toxic substances can be removed by eating or avoiding certain foods.

The most popular detoxes tend to involve drinking ‘cleansing’ fruit and vegetable juice, but we're here to tell you about what myths to avoid at all costs: 

Detox Myth 1: Certain liquid diets can push out toxins

This is totally wrong. No fad diet can emilinate harmful invaders faster than your built-in clean up crew (the liver, kidneys and colon)! 

Many doctors and scientists suggest the best cleansing strategy is a proper diet and regular exercise. 


Detox Myth 2: Drinking loads of water detoxes the body

H2O hydrates the liver and kidneys and encourages toxins to leave the body via urination. However, drinking water excessively in the name of detox can be really dangerous. Symptoms of water intoxication include headache, fatigue, vomiting and mental disorientation. 

You should only drink around eight regular glasses of water a day. 


Detox Myth 3: You can sweat out toxins with a serious sauna session

It's true that small amounts of toxins can leave the body via perspiration, but keep it in mind that heavy sweating can impair the body's natural detox system, makng it less efficient.

You'll do more detoxing in the bathroom than the sauna it seems! 



Space agency Nasa has just announced at a US press conference that it has found evidence of flowing water on Mars.

The exciting discovery means that the planet could potentially support life-forms.

Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun in the Solar System and is located 225million km from Earth.

Scientists have long speculated that the dark patches on Mars were made up of briny water, but the new findings prove that those patches are actually caused by liquid water.

This water runs down canyons and crater walls over the summer months on Mars (when temperature rise to about minus 23C) – water which then dries up in the autumn as the planet's surface cools.

“There is liquid water today on the surface of Mars,” Michael Meyer, the lead scientist on Nasa’s Mars exploration programme, told The Guardian this evening.

“Because of this, we suspect that it is at least possible to have a habitable environment today.”

Researchers will now focus on finding out where the water comes from: porous rocks under the Martian surface may hold frozen water that melts in the summer and seeps up to the surface.

We already know that a few billion years ago, the planet was inundated by rivers, lakes and maybe even an ocean.

#NASA is already the No.1 trending topic on Twitter in Ireland this evening. 


We all know that we’re supposed to down 2ltr of water a day.

We know it helps keep hunger pangs at bay; helps our skin and hair look its best, and helps keep our brains in tip-top working order.

But equally, most of us are fully aware of just how difficult it is to keep up a dedicated hydration routine.

Whether we’re put off by having to pop to the toilet every 30minutes, or because we’re more inclined to tuck into coffee, tea and soft drinks – having plenty of water is one of those things that should be straightforward… but rarely is.

In fact, one survey has now confirmed that seven out of ten of us simply don’t hit that 2ltr target – and that’s despite 75 percent of us being aware of our body’s daily water needs.

The same report, which has been compiled by BRITA, also confirmed that men trump women: males are almost twice as likely than females to hit their daily water consumption target (can we not blame our smaller bladders?).

Some 13 percent of respondents furthermore admitted that they’re just too lazy to drink up – although eight out of ten are happy to stick to tap rather than bottled water.

BRITA Ireland said in response that it was “really surprised at some of the research findings, particularly that 70 percent of those surveyed aren’t drinking the recommended daily allowance of water despite knowing the health benefits”.

The survey has been released to promote the BRITA Fill&Go – a BPA-free reusable water bottle which boasts a week-long lasting filter to remove impurities and nasty after-tastes.

Meanwhile, if you find that you’re one of the 70 percent who’s regularly feeling parched (we're guilty as charged), the company furthermore has five top tips for hitting that 2ltr daily water goal.

So drink up!

1) Add flavour: Adding fruit or herbs to your water gives it a lift and makes it less boring. Try mint, lemon or lime, strawberries, raspberries or pineapple.

2) Keep it close:  Most of us don’t drink enough water because we forget or are too lazy. If you have a bottle of water nearby, in your bag or on your desk, you’ll find you drink more of it during the day.

3) Get into a routine: Make an effort to have a glass when you wake up or after you brush your teeth, before your lunch and while you make dinner.

4) Cool down: Throw some ice-cubes in your non-water drinks – it will actually increase your overall intake. In fact, for fans of homemade juices and smoothies, adding in ice-cubes can actually add up to a full glass of water.

5) Try an app: WaterYourBody or Drinking Water can help you on your way. Alternatively, a few alerts on your phone throughout the day will remind you to hit the water-cooler. 


We all have our preferences in life, but it has been debated for many years as to what drink you should consume after a workout.

Water or sports drink?

When you work out you lose electrolytes, which are essential to ensure your body's cells are working properly. 

Sports drinks can help replenish electrolytes (usually sodium, chloride and potassium) lost during intense exercise, and because they contain sugar, they also give you an energy boost to help you get through your workout. But that doesn't mean you have to gulp them down pre and post-workout.

So here we look at the facts; what is better for you, and which drink supports you more:

Water works

Proper hydration is the MOST important way to protect your body before, during and after exercise. You should drink plenty of water regularly as it's the best thing for your body.

Fitness guru, Jody Swimmer says, "Most people don't drink enough water, so when you go to the water fountain in the gym, take eight big gulps. Keep going to the water fountain and always bring your water bottle."


Sports drinks have calories

This is one downside to sports drinks. For everyone on a calorie-controlled diet, this is something to consider. 

"Sports drinks typically have calories, and if you're trying to watch your calories, those can sneak up on you," Swimmer says.

In fact, sports or energy drinks have nearly the same amount of sugar and calories as a fizzy drinks or fruit juice. That can add up quickly if you down a couple of sports drinks throughout the day – especially if you drink them when not exercising. 


Consider how hard you exercise

Jody also notes that most people don't need sports drinks because generally they don't work out hard enough to require them. 

Only people who work out heavily – like weight-lifters or long distance runners – might benefit from sports drinks. 

So in some ways, yes, sports drinks can benefit you greatly but if you only work out for an hour or two a day they are really not needed. 

For moderate work-outs, avoid calories and just drink plenty of water to fuel your body.


Forget faddy diets or gruelling gym sessions… Scientists have discovered that drinking a pint of water before eating could be the secret to losing weight. 

A new study conducted by the University of Birmingham found that overweight adults who drank 500ml of plain tap water before eating lost about 9.5 pounds in 12 weeks. 

Sounds too easy? That's what we were thinking, but it turns out it's true!

Scientists involved in the study said the simple trick turned out to be extremely beneficial for increasing feelings of fullness and satisfaction.

Half of the participants in the study were told to drink a pint of water before their meals, while the other half ate as normal. The first group lost almost three pounds more than the second. 

Those who drank a pint of water before all three meals a day reported the biggest weight losses over 12 weeks. 

Researcher Dr Helen Parretti says it's an easy rule for dieters to follow. "The beauty of these findings is in the simplicity," she explains.

"When combined with brief instructions on how to increase your amount of physical activity and on a healthy diet, this seems to help people to achieve some extra weight loss – at a moderate and healthy rate. It's something that doesn't take much work to integrate into our busy everyday lives."


Following their high-profile wedding at the end of May, they jetted off to the paradise island nation of the Maldives in the Indian Ocean. 

And while Michelle is today gushing about her and husband Mark Wright's experiences there – lots of great food, cocktails by the pool and spa treatments – she also says that one particular incident left her seriously shaken.

"I’m a nervous swimmer and I’d never been snorkelling before, so I was quite worried when we were given our snorkelling equipment on the first day," she explains in a travel piece she wrote for Mail Online.

She adds that while a braver Mark went off into the ocean, she opted to stay in the shallow water.

"Dipping my head under the water… I couldn’t believe the number of fish I saw – all so pretty, and they didn’t seem to pay any attention to me, so that gave me the confidence to venture a bit further, although I am very scared of sharks," she describes. 

However, later in the week she came face-to-face with a rather larger – and more terrifying – creature. 

"I was swimming along, trying to stick near the coral, and I was the first to spot one – a shark," she says. "It was about five or six feet long… I started flapping about, but no one could understand that I was screaming ‘shark!’"

Thankfully for the 28-year-old, the animal eventually "minded its own business and swam off."

"I was petrified, though," she adds.

She also says that she and Mark, also 28, wanted their honeymoon to be "perfect," stating: "It needed to be a place where we felt we had escaped from the rest of the world."

Although returning home to their Essex home last month proved tough. 

"Getting back to the UK was a huge blow," Ms Keegan recalls. "I had the holiday blues for about three weeks afterwards."

She and Mr Wright married on May 24 at the opulent Hengrave Hall in Suffolk, a 16th-century manor.

Hello! magazine exclusively covered the event, reportedly parting with €1.7m for the privilege. 


We all love to believe that we are doing the best for our bodies, but sometimes we can drink all the green juice in the world and if we aren’t looking after the basics, it won’t matter.

Here are five things we should be doing for our health, but may not be doing them enough – or not at all!

Getting enough sleep
Sleep is vital for your mental and physical wellbeing. Trying to work and play on three hours sleep just won’t cut it and you’ll be left drained and exhausted in no time. Aim to get seven to eight hours of sleep a night to be in peak condition.

Now, many of you may be reading this and thinking "no way, not for me" but taking time out to sit quietly and reflect can work wonders for a busy mind.  It doesn’t mean you have to sit cross-legged in the traditional pose we all think of when anyone mentions meditation – do it your way. Apps like Headspace can be great to help you start out.

Make sure you are never without water and keep hydrated throughout the day. Drinking enough water is essential for focus and general health.

Ensure you get a minimum of thirty minutes of exercise a day. Though it may not feel it at the time, exercise does make you happy and is essential not only for physical wellbeing but for your mental health too. So brush off those cobwebs and get outside!

Plant-based love
Fruit and veggies are the best you can eat for your health – so make sure you are getting enough! Aim to eat fruit or vegetables with every meal you have and you’ll soon feel the effects.


It's thirsty work being a bird, but this little guy knows how to deal with it. 


Peeling potatoes for your Sunday roast takes up so much time, but what if there was a quicker and easier way to do it? Leo Morten Lund has found a way to peel potatoes in less than a minute and all you need is a drill and toilet brush. Check out the video to see how it works.


Suffering from the mid-day slump? Well, here are some foods that are guaranteed to give you that much needed energy boost.

Simple but true, dehydration can often be the main reason for drowsiness. So, make sure to drink a glass of water when you start to feel a little sleepy.

A firm favourite but a great slow release food too. Almonds will not only give you a much needed energy boost, but they will also keep you full till the end of the day.

Dark Chocolate
Healthier and sweeter than its milk chocolate counterpart, dark chocolate is the perfect snack for keeping you trim, as well as awake. Dark chocolate will give you the energy boost that you need due to its high levels of iron and magnesium.

Bananas have always been known as a great energy source food. They are rich in potassium and vitamin B, which can help slow down digestion but keep blood sugar levels stable as well.

Citrus Fruits
High in Vitamin C and guaranteed to give you the kick start that you need.

Ginger tea
This infused tea is delicious and full of antioxidants, but most importantly full of nutrients that will give you an afternoon boost.


Severe dehydration can affect you in ways you probably would have put down to other factors.  If you are suffering from any of these four symptoms, grab a glass of water and see if it helps get you back on track.

Many people put feeling dizzy down to standing up too fast; however, it could be a lack of water. Grab a drink and see if it subsides.

Dark urine
If your urine is a dark colour or has a strong smell you don’t have enough water in your body. The colour and smell are both down to the fact that your kidneys are working harder to produce wee.

If your body feels so tired you can’t even face the most basic of daily tasks you need to graba glass of water. Many people put this down to a late night or sleep deprivation but it is also a sign that you are severely dehydrated.

Feeling confused? Well you can put it down to lack of fluid in your system. Your confusion may include finding it hard to do simple tasks or concentrate so up your daily water intake.