Foods that will help boost your energy

Suffering from the mid-day slump? Well, here are some foods that are guaranteed to give you that much needed energy boost.

Simple but true, dehydration can often be the main reason for drowsiness. So, make sure to drink a glass of water when you start to feel a little sleepy.

A firm favourite but a great slow release food too. Almonds will not only give you a much needed energy boost, but they will also keep you full till the end of the day.

Dark Chocolate
Healthier and sweeter than its milk chocolate counterpart, dark chocolate is the perfect snack for keeping you trim, as well as awake. Dark chocolate will give you the energy boost that you need due to its high levels of iron and magnesium.

Bananas have always been known as a great energy source food. They are rich in potassium and vitamin B, which can help slow down digestion but keep blood sugar levels stable as well.

Citrus Fruits
High in Vitamin C and guaranteed to give you the kick start that you need.

Ginger tea
This infused tea is delicious and full of antioxidants, but most importantly full of nutrients that will give you an afternoon boost.